Play-off Winners At WUYS!

While Chuck may have Tazer-Cats, I have a super secret weapon.

Back in October, everyone here at WUYS placed their play-off predictions and I just have to say the only one who is 100% correct so far is, ah … drum roll, please … ME. (link)

Capitals won the Eastern Conference and the Vancouver Canucks ran away with the Western Conference. Am I proud of that last prediction? Hell no. But I know a winner when I see one and I will ashamedly admit that after the All-star game, I sort of soften up toward the twin-fembots because you saw they actually have a sense of humor which you don’t get to see because they don’t normally let you see that. Sort of like Pavel Datsyuk who is MAD HILARIOUS, along with having serious hockey skills.

I also think the twin-fembots have a conspiracy of helping each other win the various awards. Last year, they agreed over dinner that Daniel would feed Henrik with assists to give him a shot at the Rocket Richard and the next year, Henrik would feed Daniel with assists so he could win. It must be nice to play with a super-human mind-melding twin. Wonder twin powers, activate! Form of … a Stanley Cup Winner!

Henrik and Daniel Sedin - don't know which is which but it doesn't matter.

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  1. Cassy Reply

    Are you saying one of the Sedins is a girl?!

  2. dawncherrie Reply


  3. dawncherrie Reply

    No. I was just using the graphic. Since there aren’t really any other super hero twins. No disrespecting the twins.

  4. MelTing Reply

    Finally a little love for the Sedins, who are really nice guys with very dry senses of humour. Thanks DC, and does the last line mean, you have a new Cup prediction?