Foxy Flashback Friday But Should Also Be Kick Ass Friday!

As I’ve said before, I Heart Goalies and just because he’s retired, doesn’t mean he isn’t a hot piece of French Apple Pie with a side of Sweet Sweet Back’s Sweet Ass Baby Back Ribs to-go for Mama!

Booya YAY!

He’s won the Conn Smythe Trophy THREE TIMES!  He’s won that sweet thing he’s holding over those baby blues in THREE DIFFERENT DECADES! He’s THE ONLY HOCKEY PLAYER EVER, to have done that – TAKE THAT OH GREAT ONE! – He has 151 play off victories. No goalie will be catching up to that any time soon. Brodeur is next in line with 99.  Love ya mucho but see ya baby! The Hockey News listed him as the #2 best all-time Goalie – I call BS. He’s behind Terry Sawchuk. Potatoe/Potato.  He’s hotter anyway. He won four Stanley Cups, three of which with teams that weren’t even supposed to win which was why he got the Conn Smythe. Need I go on and on? Cause I could.

the perfect mullet - it even LOOKS GOOD!

He changed the way goalies play by PLAYING the puck and coming out of the goal. He was FEARED.

OK - this would give ME nightmares - the puck would rather DROP than go into the goal

He also knew when to QUIT. He went out at the top of his game. So although he isn’t playing, I still think he is FOXY and deserving of a post. I miss the fact that he also kicked some SERIOUS ASS when he played. You simply didn’t mess with him. If Ovi had tried what he did with MAF at the WC with Roy, it would be a completely different outcome. Roy would  man-slap Ovi back into the Cold War Era. And believe it or not, I would be rooting for Roy!  Or maybe Ovi would have enough respect to not lay a finger on him in the first place – we’ll never know. But that’s  just a fantasy as Aldo Nova would say and that’s how Foxy I think he is!

don't mess with the best!


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