NHL Man Madness: Round 2 – Vote On

Well that was a lot of nothing. Sorry, Professor Perfect Bergeron fans, but Carey Price dismantled him in the run-off category.   So we proceed as before – NHL Man Madness 2016 Quarterfinal: VOTE HERE   To aid in these decisions, here’s a helpful visual guide. Carey Price v Steven Stamkos   I’ve never paid much […]

#BeardWatch2016 Begins

In September at our college reunion, I confessed to Chuck that I am secretly so tired of writing about beards. I can’t be funny anymore, I am no longer inspired, I’ve seen everything and…   I LIED. BEARDS ALWAYS. Did anyone know about this? I’m glad you didn’t warn me. #TeamEbs turning up in November looking like […]

Five Minutes

I picked up the January issue of Men’s Health in the dentist’s office this morning (because Matt Damon was on the cover) and found this inside: Hey there, Captain Zach! I can’t find this image large enough to read text, so let me tell you what it says: Zach Parise can hold a lunge for […]

America. Heck Yeah.

Or something like that. Allow me to share my unpopular American opinion: I am pro-Canada when it comes to Olympic men’s hockey.  I don’t care if the NSA turns their cell phone recorders on me, but my heart goes with my favorite players on their biggest stage.  We Americans win a lot in every Olympics. […]

Olympic Heartful

This afternoon, I watched the men’s 2010 Olympic gold medal game.  That one day, years ago, when everyone I knew was watching hockey.  They were Tweeting and Facebooking and cheering down the hall in my San Francisco apartment building while Chuck and I were shouting, “WE TOLD YOU HOCKEY IS AWESOME!” The Golden Goal was […]

Foxy Friday: Ryan Suter

To say that Ryan Suter is having a good week would be an understatement. Wednesday was America’s birthday.  Ryan being a member of Team USA and proud American, we’re pretty sure he threw a pretty raging bbq. Sparklers. Potato Salad.  Inflatable Pool Beer Pong.  The whole nine yards. Then on the same day, he signed […]

All of the Lights

You want fireworks?  The Minnesota Wild celebrated the 4th of July in true American fashion: endeavoring to increase their attractiveness by 100%.  Maybe they want to win some games too.  Their holiday shopping spree picked up Zach Parise and Ryan Suter in matching (how appropriate) 13-year, $98 million contracts.  Well done, America. Twitter was at […]

Our Post on Puck Daddy – SCF Preview: Best Beards

If you go seven months without seeing an acquaintance, you might greet them with, “Wow, you look so….” The word the Devils and Kings need here is hairy. These teams last met in October and it’s a wonder if they’d recognize each other now without the numbers on their backs. Each team has been presented with […]

Jersey Sure

The fates came out of their hole, looked for their shadows and decreed we shall see more of this: And no more of this: Okay, maybe one more: We extend sympathies to our Flyers fans.  Yes really, even though I hate them.  Losing sucks no matter if you’re my team or a great looking guy […]

Foxy Friday: Zach Parise

It’s astonishing that we’ve never Foxy Friday-ed Zach Parise before.  He is the epitome of what your mother hopes you bring home someday – handsome, talented, and he can read.  Seriously, he does charity work for the NJ library system.  To dislike Zach Parise is to hate reading, and your mother would be very disappointed. […]

Once Upon a Time in 1996…

Raise your hand if you asked Brian Rolston to your high school prom. Really, just me? There are a lot of hockey-related things I could fire my HS BFF for, but this is not one of them.  This was a solid decision back in the day.  Of course I knew he would say no, what […]

Birthday Boy: Zach Parise

Zach Parise is 27 today, which incidentally is my favorite number ever on a Devils sweater (Niedermayer!).  I was about to abbreviate Zach’s name to ZP, but I think I’ll just call him Zippy from now on. Zippy wants a contract for his birthday.  He and the Devils are scheduled for arbitration on Wednesday.  Zach […]

Rush, Rush

Hockey season is long.  So long, in fact, that you sometimes forget things.  When is the last time you saw this face? Zach Parise went out October 30 with a knee injury that was projected to take 3 months.  We’re closing in on the 5 month mark and there’s talk that Parise may return to […]

Valentines Day Moment of Zen

NHL Tuesday Night in NYC

While Dawn Cherrie and I were on a double date last night with Mike Green and Ovie, the rest of the NHL’s top 20 stars partied with Graydon Carter and the fancypants folks at Vanity Fair.  Well, fancy-ish.  Guests included “actor” Tom Cavanaugh and Olympic ice skater Evan Lysacek.  It kills me that we’re not […]