Foxy Friday: Farewell

There are three Fridays left in the regular season, and with that, it’s time to bite the bullet. We must bid adieu to some of our favorites, sending them off to summer with strict instructions for shirtless boat-selfies, colorful golf pants/plaid shorts and hey, if anyone wants to pour ice water over his head and post […]

Karaoke Night

I know we haven’t been posting that much lately – real life, jobs, bills, snore – but if there were ever something to focus our attention, it’s singing.  The Avs did their lip sync thing, now the Winnipeg Jets are raising the stakes. Pass The Mic – Episode 7 They’re singing Frozen. Or they’re trying, […]

Foxy Friday: Zach Bogosian

Tracy P (@T_A_Pthat) is not the first to suggest this Foxy Friday, but her DM yesterday reminded me of something. Lots of teams visiting the Caps stay at the hotel next to my office.  It’s prime territory for an awkward lunch-break encounter with hockey players that no one else recognizes.  One day last year, Gator […]