Don’t Stop the Pop

Hockey is a taskmaster.  It does not care that we’ve put off our lives for the last six months.  It has no sympathy for my split ends, ragged cuticles or pile of overdue library books.  Hockey doesn’t pause just because Jonathan Toews is on a bender and I want to watch the Blackhawks parade. Patrick […]

Buzz the Tower

Does the Tampa Bay Lightning team insurance cover mass heart attack when Steven Stamkos Tweets this picture? My kind of climate crisis. Before the close up, you have to sign a waiver saying it’s not my fault if you pass out, hit your head and prance off into an unconscious remake of Top Gun. Shirtless […]

I’m a Winner Either Way

When we first heard about Smashfest, the Dominic Moore-organized NHL ping pong tournament benefitting concussion research, there was some high-pitched screaming.  Are you offering me a comically competitive sport, beer AND Steven Stamkos?  All you want is money?! Why Am I Not Canadian? Episode #247 I believe we came up with this idea during a […]

Looks Nothing Like a Firefly.

Wouldn’t it be great if I could do one of these for every team?  Chuck’s in Scotland, Intern Jeff Skinner keeps calling in “hockey” and I am all busy while the Lightning get tan and play cards.  (Actually on a work conference call now, and we’re talking about monkeys.  Seriously.) Vinny Lecavalier hosted a Celebrity […]

Richards' Rangers

The biggest question of the 2011 Free Agent market has been answered. And the winner is… NYR Fan Steph.  The Rangers have given Brad Richards a 9 year deal worth $58.5 million.  [] Other teams that may have asked Brad to dance were Toronto, Calgary, LA, Tampa Bay and Philly.  How the Flyers have any […]

Mikey Monday: Had a Bad Day

Whenever someone messes up in a Caps game I think, “Thank God it wasn’t Mike.”  But last night, it was. I hung around Verizon for about 30 min yesterday after the Nationals game, deciding if I should spend way too much money on a hockey ticket or save it for Game 5.  If there is […]