Don’t Stop the Pop

Hockey is a taskmaster.  It does not care that we’ve put off our lives for the last six months.  It has no sympathy for my split ends, ragged cuticles or pile of overdue library books.  Hockey doesn’t pause just because Jonathan Toews is on a bender and I want to watch the Blackhawks parade. Patrick […]

Foxy Friday: Steve Yzerman

For this week’s edition of Foxy Friday, I decided to jump in the WUYS TARDIS and go back in time to honor one of the foxiest (and talented) NHLers of all time… Steve Yzerman The former Detroit Red Wing and current GM of the Tampa Bay Lightning is a legend. Plain and simple. And if […]

I Gotta Go Where It's Warm

This is old news by now, but things are busy around the WUYS offices with Vespa lessons and all the Swedish we’re learning. Steven 1 and Steven 2 (Yzerman and Stamkos, obvs) did a press conference last week [video] about Stammer’s 5-year contract in which Yzerman said: And Stamkos said: Seriously, Steven Stamkos is the happiest […]

Stammer and Squishy love us.

Does this mean we’ve officially made it? Mexican coca colas for everyone! We follow pretty much every NHL team on the twitter in the hopes that someday they’ll follow us back and we’ll feel super popular and emotionally validated as serious hockey bloggers. Phoenix Coyotes were the first to follow us, but have to admit […]

Pst … Boston!

If only this article would have come out BEFORE the Capitals played Tampa Bay then maybe they would have stood a chance! But NO! On the other hand, do hockey fans really read Sports Illustrated? Because they hardly EVERY cover anything on hockey. It would have been the best kept secret, like it still is. […]

Oh NOVI Didn't Part 300!

Ovi played Babe Ruth tonight as he pointed towards the goal with his magic stick and blasted his 300th goal past Toronto net-minder Reimer! This puts Ovechkin into some super sweet company making him the 6th youngest NHL player EVER to make the milestone – with Gretzky, Lemieux, Hawerchuk, Bossy, Yzerman and now Ovechkin. A face […]