Foxy Friday: Steven Stamkos

It is a little known major oversight here at WUYS that Steven Stamkos has never been a Foxy Friday. One could argue that’s he’s been sufficiently fox-ied every other day of the week, since we’ve tagged over 100 posts with his name. But with great power comes great responsibility… To keep looking like this: Some of […]

Camp BioSteel: Day 3

Another day.  Another video from Camp BioSteel. Nealmobile! FINALLY!  We were beginning to wonder about him…. He looks like he just woke up and hasn’t had his Paul Martin omelet yet. Get that boy a bagel, stat. BTW – Love that guy’s stank face on the right. It’s as if he realizes he’ll never be […]

A Lesson from the Professor

Last night, Patrice Bergeron gave a lesson on how to play like a boss. Granted, he’s always exceptional in my opinion, but last night vs. the Panthers, #37 really was the #1 star of the game. He scored both goals during regulation for the Bruins – this wrister on a sicky no-look pass from Pouliot […]

Happy Birthday Pants!

From your partner-in-crime. Yea.  Berfdai. Stammer, Tazer, Greener, Sid, and Nealmobile have choreographed something very special for you. You’re welcome.

On the Bright Side of the Street

Lately it has been a little doom and gloom around here.  And with some good reason, I’ll agree. First, the Pens lose and Pants was very sad, yet hopeful that Mikey and the boys can ease her pain. Then, the Mikey and said boys get swept up like dust bunnies by Steve Stamkos, “Father Time” […]