Welcome to the White House

YOU GUYS LOOK AT THIS.   That’s MY name. On the FRONT ROW of the WHITE HOUSE event with the PENGUINS and the CUP and POTUS.  Yesterday was amazing!   First, we got to the White House, where I apparently did not set off any security alerts. Good thing they don’t read this blog. After having our […]

Only When We Wake Up…

Did that really just happen?  I keep waiting to wake up and find that it was all just some horrible nightmare.  I’m Leo Dicaprio, spinning that totem, waiting for it to keep spinning to let me know that this is some cruel inception. But unfortunately it is not. Game 6 really did happen. The Bruins […]

Raiders of the Stanley Cup

Everyone knows that any nerd movie worth watching involves some sort of an epic quest – a quest for something so important, powerful, that it could forever change the course of human history. Lord of the Rings.  Star Wars.  The Goonies. Tonight at 8pm in the Madhouse on Madison, another quest will begin. Warriors will […]

Doughty’s Day with me, I mean the Cup …

So I’ve scoured the internet and there is like a BLIP one DD’s day with destiny. If it were, er, um, other hockey players day with Lord Stanley’s cup we’d get a minute by minute count down on what he did while out saving babies and evidently puppies. So I’ve decided to give the only […]

Shout Out to the Boys in the Black and Gold

I think the Bruins are the best team in hockey. Yea. I said it. The Boston Bruins are the best team in the NHL. Now before you start heckling me and throwing rotten tomatoes and heads of iceberg lettuce,  just hear me out for second. I know that I may be slightly biased here when […]

Put a Ring on it.

A Stanley Cup ring, that is. Check that out!  That ring = boss. 300 diamonds total.  66 on the ring crest with the iconic spoked “B” over the image of the Stanley Cup.  6 diamonds around the logo signifying the Bruins’ six Cup championships.  One side has the player’s name and number, other side has […]

Fall Down, Go Boom.

Well, folks, it was bound to happen. Stanley is a little banged up, thanks to former Bruin Michael “Cool” Ryder and a flimsy Nova Scotian card table. To which my friend Fatty J exclaimed, “Jesus Michael!” Dios mios indeed! What is that table made out of anyway?  Paper mache and matchsticks? You’d think that they’d […]

Caps for the Cup?

The Hockey News has predicted the Washington Capitals will win the 2011-12 Stanley Cup.  We feel Dawn’s hand in this. I admit this wouldn’t make me as sad as it used to.  Once clear of whatever round involves the Penguins, I would cheer for the Caps.  Dawn would visit, and make signs.  Gator and I would cut […]

Howl at the Moon

I have lost Chuck a midst the mess of this office.  She’s probably buried under a pile of old Jets jerseys and cannot reach her keyboard, which is the only reason she hasn’t posted this. Teen Wolf had his day with the Cup in Ontario last week.  You can watch the video [link].  I really wish I’d ridden […]

Foxy Friday: Stanley Cup

The most beautiful trophy in sports.  You totally want to kiss it. At my wedding, Boston Bruins fan extraordinaire Tom and his genius girlfriend Michelle gave our party the one thing it was missing.  This tin foil beauty sits in my office and whenever I do something great, I lift it over my head. Somewhere […]

Last Days of Disco

On a scale of one to these shoes, how excited would you be if your boyfriend just won the Stanley Cup?  (Or was Milan Lucic, whichever.) Obviously she knew the B’s would win.  These should don’t do bad days. Chuck, when you pick up Seguin for the wedding ask to borrow these too.

This one's for Chuck

Congratulations to the Boston Bruins and to Chuck!

Bear vs. Orca

Well, here we are. Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Bruins vs. Canucks. East vs. West. Bear vs. Orca. For fans of both teams, tonight will be a special game.  History will be made. Bruins have the opportunity to win their first Cup in 39 years.  Canucks have the chance to win their first […]

Waiting for Tonight…

I’m like a kid on Christmas morning! Is this really happening?  Is the team that I’ve rooted for and cheered for all season really in the Stanley Cup Finals? Hell ya, they are! Bruins and Canucks will face off at 8pm EST in Game 1 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals.  I’m supposed to have […]

Your Moment Of Play-Off Stress Relief Zen.

Kaner’s Stanley Cup Pants-Off Dance Off: Captain Serious – aka Jonathan Toews does an interview SHIRTLESS: Out and about in LA with Drew, Jarret and Matt from the LA Kings … YEOW! Drew looks Smokin’ HOT! And Scooter MaGoo …

White House, Blackhawks.

The Blackhawks visited the White House this afternoon – it’s right down the road from here, but I was not invited.  How rude.  Luckily Kaner brought his ever-present FlipCam and doubtless got all kinds of state secrets on that thing.  See the whole ceremony: Video. Honestly, does he have a contract with them?  Malkin did […]

Winner Winner Bruin Dinner

The Bruins have won 7 in a row. We like this.  We like this alot. 6 wins on the road including a huge win over the best team in the NHL, the Vancouver Canucks and the Sedin Wonder Twins. Last time the B’s won 6 straight on the road was waaaay back in 1972.  They […]

Hawks in the House

Who do I have to know to go to this? I will be in Maryland!  I hope Kris Versteeg will be there with a special Presidential edition rap. From NHL.com: President Barack Obama will honor the 2010 Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks during a ceremony at The White House on Friday, March 11, at 3:00 […]

Mocked on National TV

Ok, was anyone watching the Chicago Blackhawks and the Philadelphia Fliers last Sunday? Because this is a priceless little nugget of gold. Not because it was a rematch between the Stanley Cup teams of last year but because Marty Turco mocked Pierre Mcguire on national TV – NBC to be exact. Mike Milbury plows over him between periods […]

Tonight, tonight…

So… one whole game last night, eh?  I still managed 9.5 points for my fantasy team because Zetterberg is a machine.  Since there’s nothing to talk about, how about a preview of tonight’s games? Capitals @ Rangers – How much does Mike Green really love us?  Enough to get his 5th goal in 5 games […]