The NHL A(wk)wards

Two posts in two days? This place is like Santa’s Workshop! Last night was the annual NHL Awards, or as we like to call it: the NHL A(wk)wards. Normally an unfunny, bumblingly-hosted, C-list celebfest, last night’s show was most of those things again. But better, no? I confess to liberal use of the mute button, […]

Ovechkin Punches One Through and The Other Alex Hats A Trick!

The Caps finally snap their regulation losing streak against Pacific Division teams this season beating the Ducks 7-6! Semin had his FOURTH hat trick of the season (video). He is one of only two players in the NHL right now with that honor. For a dude with a scoring drought, he certainly knows how to come back […]

What's Really Going On Inside Mike Green's Ear

Some how they got inside and now they won’t leave. Talk about uninvited guests! BB is really mad! Ovi tried shouting BOOM but that only excited Animal more and he started banging on the cochlea which made Mike bitch slap Ovi. Nikky is whispering sweet nothings to no avail. Desperate, now Varly is walking back […]

Imponderable Conundrum.

What do you do when your two favorite teams are playing each other? Who do you root for? That was the imponderable conundrum of the day when the Washington Capitals played the LA Kings today. At least for me. So what do you all do? I figure there are no losers! Either way I’m a winner! […]