The NHL A(wk)wards

Two posts in two days? This place is like Santa’s Workshop! Last night was the annual NHL Awards, or as we like to call it: the NHL A(wk)wards. Normally an unfunny, bumblingly-hosted, C-list celebfest, last night’s show was most of those things again. But better, no? I confess to liberal use of the mute button, […]

Get Your Shine On

Remember the NHL Awards?  Cringe-inducing awkwardness and mispronunciation, doled out by people whose titles must precede their names for recognition?  “… and actor (that guy who played Ed back in the day)….” It turns out I really miss those. The NHL handed out their awards over the weekend while I had no internet and no […]

Selke Smooth

While the NHL Awards are far from and probably never will be perfect, there are a few things that they get right. Take last night for instance. Last night, Patrice Bergeron FINALLY won the Frank J. Selke Trophy. All is right in the hockey universe. If you read this blog, or follow our twitter, or […]

NHL Awards: Who Should Win? Who Will Win?

Tonight’s the night. NHL Awards in Las Vegas! Bring on the attractive hockey players in impeccably fitted suits.  Bring on the awkward (and hilarious) red carpet interviews.   Bring on the D-list celebrities who can’t pronounce the winner’s name (Martin St. Lewis!). Here’s who we think is going to bring on the hardware… Hart (Lundqvist/Malkin/Stamkos) Should: Chuck […]

Our Friends Party with the NHL

Loyal WUYS correspondents @jfrancesw and @chialo managed not to get arrested last night at the NHL Awards party.  And they took a photo just for me!  I fangirlled right out of my socks. What could top that, you ask?  @jfrancesw and the man himself. I should definitely be at an open bar party with Jeff Skinner.  Can you […]

The NHL Awards Nearly Kill Us

I alternate between muting and leaving the room when I’m uncomfortable with what’s on TV.  So I watched the NHL Awards in fits and starts and really tried to only listen when a player was talking. The show was fairly agonizing, featuring some of the flattest jokes possible.  I generally think Jay Mohr’s pretty funny […]

Intern Jeff Skinner: SHINY!

I went to work early this morning and put the Calder Trophy on Pants’ desk.  It’s really shiny.  Then I drew a (second) mustache on her Logan Couture poster and now I’m buying myself a huge breakfast on the corporate card. I’m not bragging, but I did win.  And Vegas was really fun, even if […]

Memo from the Intern Desk

Hello.  Intern Jeff Skinner is still here.  I bring bagels.  I held Pants’ hair while she got sick after that 24-hour implosion by all that she holds dear.  What does an intern have to do to get a post around here? How about score 2 goals against France in the World Championships?  Because I did. […]

Foxy Friday brings Felicitation! (again)

We’ve done it again! Or should we say, Foxy Friday as done it again! April 1st –  Shawn Thornton named WUYS’s Foxy Friday. April 5th – He is named the 2011 Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy nominee. I’m sure that his great player and all around awesomeness contributed greatly to his nomination but you can’t discount […]