Foxy Friday: Farewell

There are three Fridays left in the regular season, and with that, it’s time to bite the bullet. We must bid adieu to some of our favorites, sending them off to summer with strict instructions for shirtless boat-selfies, colorful golf pants/plaid shorts and hey, if anyone wants to pour ice water over his head and post […]

Fever Pitch

Sorry it’s been so quiet around here!  Chuck has been swamped and I’ve been away for work.  Luckily the internet is everywhere, even during the off-season. Last week the Rangers, Devils and Islanders promoted the pair of outdoor games they’ll play at Yankee Stadium in January as part of the NHL’s Stadium Series. Welcome to […]

One Win Away…

So Game 5 didn’t exactly turn out as we hoped, but tonight, the Kings have the chance to close out the series (again) and win their first ever Stanley Cup. While we don’t like the Devils, we have to give them props for not laying down in front of the purple and black freight train […]

Five Alive

Oh, Foxy Friday. You never disappoint. Well, sometimes you disappoint when you shave your goatee into a mustache that means you’re not allowed within 100 feet of a playground. But then, you score the goal that keeps your team’s dream alive: And somehow, magically, in the post-game your ‘stache has is approaching the border between […]

Tonight is the Night?

Once, a cat named Lucifer messed with Cinderella.  She chased him off with a broom.  See what I’m saying? Chuck and I are Red Sox fans, which means leading a playoff series 3-0 is not enough for us.  We know miracles can happen.  (In case you don’t, in ’04 the Yankees were up 3-0 in […]

Kings Of The Road

If any of you have watched NBC’s Post Game wrap-up, then you know Other-Brother-Darryl needs to take that sh*t on the road! Because having handled talent and sat through countless hours of interviews and seen press chewed up and spat out by the best, Other-Brother-Darryl ranks right up there only he is god damn funny […]

Foxy Friday: Adam Henrique

Intern Jeff Skinner is pissed. Last year, zero Calder Trophy finalists were featured as Foxy Fridays.  Not even Rookie of My Life Logan Couture, and not counting the time Jeff posted a picture of himself holding a baby.  Zero legitimate Foxy Fridays. This year, we’re giving them out like candy.  First Landeshirtless over there in […]

What the What?!

Last night was bonkers.  The Devils scored three goals while I was making mac & cheese, then the Rangers got them all back.  The Rangers were bad, then great.  Brodeur had one of those moments, like in the back of a cab when you know you’re going to throw up and you have to decide: […]

Our Post on Puck Daddy – NHL Playoff Beard Watch: Alternate Captains

The letter “A” is awarded only to the best. Students with the highest scores. Products with the best quality. Restaurants with the cleanest kitchens. We all know Alvin didn’t lead The Chimpmunks just because he had the best dance moves. The very presence of an “A” denotes greatness. We love (OK, worship) our NHL team […]

Jersey Sure

The fates came out of their hole, looked for their shadows and decreed we shall see more of this: And no more of this: Okay, maybe one more: We extend sympathies to our Flyers fans.  Yes really, even though I hate them.  Losing sucks no matter if you’re my team or a great looking guy […]

Happy 40th Birthday (a little late) Martin Brodeur

Happy Foxy 40th Martin Brodeur! I might be a day late but don’t think I missed your game winning awesome play! Welcome to the Foxy 40 club with Teemu Selane, Mike Modano (before he retired) and some others. As you might have guessed, I’m not a really big fan of teams in general per se, I don’t […]

Foxy Friday: Zach Parise

It’s astonishing that we’ve never Foxy Friday-ed Zach Parise before.  He is the epitome of what your mother hopes you bring home someday – handsome, talented, and he can read.  Seriously, he does charity work for the NJ library system.  To dislike Zach Parise is to hate reading, and your mother would be very disappointed. […]

Fight for Your Right

It can be tough to explain fighting to someone who doesn’t watch hockey. Try explaining this: Three seconds into the game (yes, first period), the Rangers and Devils had three simultaneous fights break out.  That’s barely enough time to make a “Yo Mama” joke!    Gloves and helmets, report to the ice surface. So what’s […]

Once Upon a Time in 1996…

Raise your hand if you asked Brian Rolston to your high school prom. Really, just me? There are a lot of hockey-related things I could fire my HS BFF for, but this is not one of them.  This was a solid decision back in the day.  Of course I knew he would say no, what […]

Birthday Boy: Zach Parise

Zach Parise is 27 today, which incidentally is my favorite number ever on a Devils sweater (Niedermayer!).  I was about to abbreviate Zach’s name to ZP, but I think I’ll just call him Zippy from now on. Zippy wants a contract for his birthday.  He and the Devils are scheduled for arbitration on Wednesday.  Zach […]

Rush, Rush

Hockey season is long.  So long, in fact, that you sometimes forget things.  When is the last time you saw this face? Zach Parise went out October 30 with a knee injury that was projected to take 3 months.  We’re closing in on the 5 month mark and there’s talk that Parise may return to […]

The Headline's Hot

The long weekend is over, it’s back to work and you know what I feel like?  Chuck loves it too: I tried to watch the Heritage Classic, but I couldn’t focus my eyes on the bizarre non-color of the Flames shorts.  Is that taupe?  Nude, maybe?  If you’re going to commit to sweaters and socks […]

Oops. Did I Do That?

Not a good weekend for some goalies. Tim Thomas ended up watching this one go straight down the five hole LITERALLY. Which was a complete oddity given that Timmy the Tank was playing so well. When I saw it happen live I was screaming at the TV and Mr. Cherrie because I had sent him to kitchen to get […]

Negative, Ghost Rider.

Once again, the internet is alive with rumors of Martin Brodeur on the trading block.  The Devils are like Desperate Housewives and their Wisteria Lane is a dead end.  Personally, I don’t give two Jersey-shaped cowpies if they trade Marty.  But here’s why it won’t be for Mike Green. 1: MONEY Green is no cheap […]

Countdown: 9 Days

I am so cranky!  First I couldn’t wait for pre-season and now I’m already tired of it.  Split-squad games, pretending I care who is reassigned… boring.  The sound of skates on ice is lovely, but I’m ready for stuff to count.  In anticipation of that, today’s news items are things I think will actually matter […]