Only Weird if it Doesn’t Work

Today really got away from me – because I spent it recovering from last night, when this happened:   Instant, full-volume inner monologue:   It’s a understatement to say  the Crosbot is off to a slow start this season. With 3 G and 7 A, his 10 points rank him 134th in the League. This from a […]

Mustache Monday

We are halfway through November, and that means halfway to getting these mustaches off everyone’s faces!  Just kidding – we love Movember and applaud the many men’s health concerns for which it raises awareness and funds. Just don’t wear a mustache home to meet our parents on Thanksgiving. This year I donated on the promise that Mr. Pants would […]

Mo Bros, Mo Sistas, Movember

As you well know, Pants and I have a true, strong, and real appreciation for men’s facial hair.  We’ve been blogging about it for years now and like to think that we’ve become experts on the topics.  It sustains us, like manna from heaven. We are all about the beards but this month, we’re all about the mo. Movember – A special […]

Mikey Monday: Movember

Our love for Movember comes in many forms.  On one hand it’s gives us warm & fuzzies to see hockey players doing something fun to raise money and awareness for a good cause.  Also, we like to see people looking silly.  We’ve even gone so far as to suggest some people should take donations not […]

The Nashstache

Movember claims another victim.  Chuck’s not going to be happy with me. But I didn’t make Rick Nash do this.  The camo jersey… since it’s a tribute to Veteran’s Day we’ll declare it okay for the day.  It’s the stache.   Ricky looks like he’s wondering just how much barbed wire he needs to keep […]

Milan Lucic – The Love Doctor

One day after scoring a hat trick vs. the Florida Panthers, Boston Bruin Milan Lucic took to answering love letters on  He doled out advice to a girl whose man has been cheating on her and I have to say, he did an amiable job.  Who knew this brawler/goal scorer could be such an […]

It's Movember … and Props to the Washington Caps!

In case you haven’t heard, the NHL is getting behind ‘Movember’, a movement established to create additional awareness for men’s health – especially prostate cancer.  Their tagline is quite catchy : “Grow that Mo and SAVE A BRO!” So when you see your favorite player a little more hairy then usual, now you know why! […]