Caps Fan Appreciation Night

If there’s one thing I like more than hockey, it’s food.  Last night the Capitals Fan Appreciation Night had free hockey AND free food. So of course we were in the front row. Rockin’ the Red with Rae and Pam For this… BAM!  No beard.  Hallelujah and also merci.  I’ll give you the hair, Greener, […]

Mikey Monday: Puppy Love

If someone finds my lifeless body later today, no need for an investigation. Cause of death: Mike Green with this dog. Why is this picture killing me so much?  Why do I love a shirt that’s kind of ugly and doesn’t even really match his pants?  Who has bacon behind the camera, because the dog […]

Dashing Caps

Gator FTW! She just sent me this – trolling the internet for pictures of iCarly when she should be working.  Wonder who she learned that from? Capitol File – Washington Capitals Model Fall Fashions Here’s the link to short player profiles and a link to the video.  Knuble’s vest and Hendy’s rolled-up sleeves are my […]