Foxy Friday: Glasses

It started with this: from Geno’s Instagram Well no, our obsession with boys in glasses began long ago.  Maybe it was when Chuck and I got our own glasses, or when we realized that we a) are nerds and b) like nerds.  Glasses may be more cool than Coke bottle these days, but the allure […]

Meanwhile, in Canada…

It’s not my fault I’ve seen this commercial a hundred times.  It’s on during the break in every Canadian telecast!  Canada, I love you. Also, today is Max Talbot’s birthday.  I forget about Max for stretches of time (blinded by the orange), but he deserves some birthday attention. Why are John Tavares and Matt Duchene […]

Pro Summit Camp

In case you were getting nervous about the CBA deadline looming on Saturday, somewhere in Colorado… Crosbot, Gabe the Babe, Talbot, Duchene, Tavares and RNH were traning at Pro Summit Camp. That short of breath feeling has nothing to do with altitude, y’all. It’s just like summer camp, with Max as head counselor.  There are […]

More of This

Greetings from  In James Neal news, James Neal scored again in the Pens 4-2 win over Minnesota last night [link]. Oh, you wanted a shiny new Nealmobile highlight reel?  (No more rhyming and I mean it!).  Here it is, thanks to PensTV [link]. JStaal, Duper and Kunitz also scored and Brent Johnson was first […]