Sunday with the Pens

The Penguins hosted a town hall-style meeting today for the season ticket holders and any woman under the age of dead. You can watch the highlight video [link] and bask in the combined happiness of these guys.  No one bothers to ask Geno why he’s wearing Ovi’s jeans.  Watch Sid take the ice… we see […]

We said COME IN!

The rest of the Pens also participated in season ticket delivery – but none appear to have eaten a cookie.  If only they’d known Crosby said it was okay! Check out Jordan’s goober wave as he approaches the first house. [link] And the tween girls who get their picture with him.  Their lives just peaked. Flower […]

On the Road with Flower

While we are bored, sweltering and waiting for October, Marc-Andre Fleury has been in Africa.  Well fine.  I thought getting heat stroke at Hershey Park with Gator was an exciting event. You can watch the interview [link] and get the mad giggles from listening to him talk.  Can you picture him in a pith helmet? […]

We Make Up with Max

Oh Max.  I cannot stay mad at you.  I needed a day to cool off and now I just want to hug you and say everything will be okay, except for that hideous sweater you’ll have to wear.  But your Christmas sweater was a good warm-up.  If anyone could pull off nuclear orange, it’s you. […]

We're Coming for You

It’s confirmed that Sidney Crosby will not ride the white zamboni onto the ice tonight for Game 7.  I needed to see this in writing before I gave up the hope.  That said, the Penguins are going to rock.  I am getting really excited to speed home from yet another work event in time for […]

TK Tuesday!

I can’t make an alliterative joke about Tuesday without wanting tacos! The Pens won 3-2 last night on a sweet baby barbecue sauce goal from Tyler Kennedy. [video] If you’ve never watched a Pens game with me, TK gets some of the loudest cheering.  He is my Who from Whoville, wha-hoo-na. LePretty had 2 assists […]

What's Your NHL Superstition?

Here’s a video about various players spilling their OCD secrets from Captain Serious saying he doesn’t have any pre or post game rituals which I call BS on! No one with devil eyes like that can say he doesn’t have any – he may not want to tell anyone but I don’t believe for one hot minute he […]

Know When to Hold 'Em

I’m not getting too excited over the Game 1 victory in Pittsburgh, because Kenny Rogers says you never count your money while you’re sitting at the table.  But there was definitely some screaming last night (aside from cries of anguish over the Blackhawks) because I do get excited over strong starts and shutouts.   James […]

Good News/Bad News

The good news? The Washington Caps  beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 1-0 tonight. My masterblaster, the Russian Machine punched another one passed Fleury for the only goal of the night making his stat against the Flower 20 points in 19 games. OUCH-A-RONY! But Ovi can only carry this team for so long. At some point, Atlas will shrug. The […]

Foxy Friday: Marc Andre Fleury

Words used to describe this week’s Foxy Friday honoree… Humorous.  Talented.  Effervescent.  Cereal Magnate. Marc Andre Fleury   Yes, Marc-Andre.  You are zee best. While you may not be the best goalie (statistically) in the NHL and your team is sinking faster than the Titanic,  you are definitely zee best when it come to having fun! […]

Make It Stop!

Ok, I swore I would stop writing posts about the Penguins because there are so many other things in Hockey to write about but damn it, they keep doing things that are news worthy. First off, Malkin just injured himself AGAIN – YES – AGAIN. He went into the boards and hurt himself in the […]

Goalies Gone Wild!

The Penguins are on a holy terror and they are HANGRY! Have they been drinking their Ensure? Or are they just amped up for their game against the Caps this coming Sunday because bejesus! This wasn’t a Mike Green-style slap fight. While Cookie took a dive after a tap from DiPietro, Johnston called DiPietro out and then […]

And Now For The CBC-ASG Version

Ok, so Pants and Chuck watched the Versus Broadcast and I watched the CBC broadcast because I don’t get Versus, both literally and philosophically. Below is the Sports Centre highlight of the Mad Skills wrap up if you want to watch. So here are my highlights and lowlights of the ASG weekend in no particular order: […]

ASG Weekend #2: Skills Competition

Hockey players have mad skills. And what better way to showcase them, than with the always fun Super Skills Competition. So here are the results… Faster Skater – Michael Grabner (14.238 seconds) Breakaway – Alexander Ovechkin (38.5% of the fan votes). Accuracy – Daniel Sedin (4 for 4 in 7.3 seconds) Skills Challenge Relay – […]

24/7 Secret Admission… From a Caps Fan.

When Pants and I were Twittering during the various 24/7 episodes, there were a few things I came to realize, Kris Letang is HOT. He is the only Penguin I will cop to that about. Secondly, way before this blog and 24/7, MAF caught my eye because a fan put a sign up against the glass for […]

Pens All-Star Lineup

The Pens have an All-Star reaction video up [Video].  It looks like the Grinch snuck in and cleared out their locker room. We can’t get 10 extra seconds to let Tanger talk?  Bonus clip of him licking his lips while Sid talks – he could be thinking what I’m thinking. Apparently The Hat has not […]

Hey now, you're an All-Star.

Remember way back on November 15 when I posted my NHL All-Star Game starting lineup?  Well 4 out of my 6 were just named All-Stars by the general fan voting!  Once again, I control the Universe. Mikey was not on the list, but I’ll take Duncan Keith FTW! Also, Flower makes me a little, uh… […]

What Hurts the Most

… is being sooooooooo cloooooooooooose… ugh, I hate the guy from Rascall Flatts’ voice but there is no other way to describe Pittsburgh’s loss to the Rangers last night.  Unless you’re Mr. Pants and (just to be an ass) you’re suddenly a Rangers fan who wants a vintage jersey.  Shut up or you’re paying for […]

Newsies: Ring My Bell

Update: Vancouver Canucks’ Rick Rypien has been suspended 6 games for his attack on a fan in Minnesota. Please watch this video of George Parros fighting with Jody Shelley.  Yes they fight all the time, mustache vs. girls’ name, but listen to the background noise at 0:12 – is that the sound of a boxing […]