It’s only Tuesday

To commemorate the week so far (and so I don’t have to go scrolling through Twitter in two years when I want to reference this), a post about two really important things. Jonathan Toews joined Twitter.   I spent my drive to work trying to come up with a joke about how now, we all […]

Jackpot! (I had to.)

The Penguins traded their annual Skates & Plates waiter gear for other ill-fitting suits this year and hosted Aces & Ice Casino Night last night. It looked like the World’s Most Awkward Wedding Party. But two drinks in, the bridesmaids are yelling, “DIBS!” and making shanks out of bobby pins. The dads, like Alison’s dad there on […]

Never Grow Up

If you keep losing to the Capitals and making me look like a chump in front of important people (like my boss, @raedanda, Mike Green, etc.), the second best way to my heart is through tiny skates and giggling.   Yeah, I’m a sucker.  Check out video of Crosby & friends surprising the Little Penguins […]

Foxy (Almost) Friday: Ice Bucket Challenge

We really miss hockey, but it’s safe to say this off-season is going down in history.  Best ever?  Well, it’s not the worst and I’m not waiting for Friday. The Ice Bucket Challenge began in July in support of ALS research.  Read more about it here and hire Frates & Quinn for more marketing campaigns.  The movement […]

Bring on the Beards!

Happy Day Before #&$% Gets Real, Everyone!   Every April, we wonder how we got here – if we got here – and panic. Prayers are said.  Shirts and jerseys are lined up to wear.  Post-traumatic stress resurfaces from last season.   And with all that comes something else, something glorious. No, not the possibility of winning […]

Hey, Big Spender.

If we had to brainstorm events we’d pay good money for, Sidney Crosby delivering dessert and wine would be up there on the list. The Penguins’ annual Skates & Plates event was held last night, where the players wait tables, raise funds for charity and try not to spill food on people.  (I’d take care […]

Pens & Paws

Before you look at these photos, go to the Animal Rescue League website and order a Penguins & Paws 2014 Calendar.  Support adorable, fuzzy faces of the four-legged variety! Huge thanks to @alisonsykora‘s mom Heidi, who took pictures of every page with her phone for us.  She likes James Neal the best because she’s a […]

Think Good Thoughts

Let’s talk about something happy.  Something that isn’t what happened to Stamkos.  Something that doesn’t spur a combination of dry heaves, caterwauling and crushing bags of ketchup chips with a sledgehammer. Penguins, to the rescue. Yesterday was the annual Project Bundle Up, where the Pens take kids shopping for warm winter clothes.  What could be […]

Foxy Friday: Glasses

It started with this: from Geno’s Instagram Well no, our obsession with boys in glasses began long ago.  Maybe it was when Chuck and I got our own glasses, or when we realized that we a) are nerds and b) like nerds.  Glasses may be more cool than Coke bottle these days, but the allure […]

Up Close and…

Check out these gorgeous pictures from Carmen Mandato Photography. Large, hi-res versions are on the website along with a few shots of other teams. People have asked if she’ll have prints available for sale.  She’s on Facebook too. God, don’t you just love hockey?  And wish you had longer eyelashes?  And feel relieved that no […]

Skates, Plates & Prom Dates

Sweetie, your prom date is here. You’re dad’s thinking, “Whew.  My daughter’s safe with this dork.” Sorry to be late – the Penguins annual Skates & Plates benefit was a few days ago.  You know, the one where they get dressed up and try not to drop food on themselves, people, the floor give us […]

Wedding Party

Marc-Andre Fleury was handsomely married to his longtime girlfriend Veronique on Saturday.  We bring you highlights from the Red Carpet Show, with your host Sidney Crosby. Sid: This is Captain Tiny Pockets, reporting live from… wait, what is that?  Neal, Tanger, are you seeing what I see? James: Uhhhhhhhuh. Kris: Busy checking out #18 there, […]

I see you lookin'.

You want it, you got it.  Tanger winking at Flower during the love-fest in Toronto. Thanks to who created this and Barb (@stoopid4letang) who’s on our Twitter feed and shared!  Now if someone comes across the windmill high-five….

It's Alright, It's Okay.

Sid and the Pens held a press conference yesterday to prove that he still looks this good in a suit.  Also to clarify the neck injury he was diagnosed with by an LA doctor – it’s a “soft tissue” injury, not broken vertebrae.  He was treated in LA with injections to relieve the swelling and […]

And the winner is…

I missed 24/7 last night because I fell asleep re-watching Fright Night with Colin Farrell.  I mean he’s in the movie, he wasn’t with me.  And the movie’s great.  But I will have to catch up on the Rangers/Flyers this weekend, and from the sound of your Tweets there is plenty worth watching! Another thing […]

Foxy Friday: Thanksgiving

Hurkey durkey, Turkey!  We know you’re all thankful for hockey, and this week’s Foxy Friday is just a reminder of all the things in the world there are to celebrate. Dawn & Chuck are out shopping and Intern Jeff Skinner is making sweet potatoes with marshmallows (you should see his apron), so I’m going to […]

Glamour Shots: Pittsburgh Penguins

All other NHL teams have officially been put on notice. We wish more teams would highlight their talent like this. And by highlight, we mean take insanely attractive glamour shots of their players and create calendars which we can buy and hang in our offices and sigh dreamily over as we format excel spreadsheets, take […]

Marc-Andre Fleury Poses Nude for ESPN Magazine?

He turned them down! But they asked! I know. What a shame. But he did an awesome interview on “After Hours” when they were on HNIC. Kevin Weeks was all hot and bothered. Here’s the whole interview. Enjoy! He is just so awesome. I JUST LOVE HIM. And God Bless the CBC – they aired […]

I was just going to say that…

Sam Kasan’s reports from Penguins practices are daily gold and you should never miss them.  But today, it’s truly special [link]. In honor of Crosby being cleared for contact, he dedicates Weezer’s cover of Britney’s “(Hit Me) Baby… One More Time.”  (Warning: it sounds a lot like the time I sang it, in costume, at […]

Pens Win Home Opener

Last night before the Pens home opener, look who got interviewed?  My birthday indeed. The Nealmobile also had a goal, along with Dupuis, Cooke and Park in the Pens 4-1 win over Florida.  Tanger had another assist and leads the NHL in both points (6) and assists (5).  And hair.  Flower leads the League with […]