Desperate Times, Require Desperate Measures.

DDTBG is a no-show at training camp and he is the last hold out in the restricted free agent circle. I don’t think I would need to look far to find him. Anyone, anyone? Yeah … i went there AND sent a postcard – baby Drew! While I can appreciate what he wants, what I want […]

I Said This How Many Weeks Ago – Drew?

I need my West Coast honey … You turned down a rumored 9 years /61.2 million. That would buy you a Krispy Kreme Franchise! OK – Tim Hortons – you could re-name it Doughty’s Donut Holes. I don’t care. Just sign. I know you don’t want to be tied down, well, not in that sense, nudge, nudge, […]

Sign Already – Damn it! I Command You!

Ok – so MelTing sent me this last week and I have been ‘in dispose’ as of late. Sorry sweet Mel – partner in DDTBG crime. But it doesn’t change two facts: ONE: Drew Doughty STILL hasn’t signed with the LA KINGS and TWO: it’s true that SOME HOW he got hotter over the summer. […]

I'm Holding Out For More Of These Than Any Other LA King!

With the Free Agency thingy all done and gone, DDTBG didn’t quite get what he was hoping for. A restricted free agent, the cone of silence must have been deafening. “Can you hear me now?” is what Dean Lombardi’s morse code tapped out from LA to Canada in frosty covered sparkles. Drew snapped back […]

Pants, Chuck – Our Summer is Booked.

After the NHL awards, we have try outs. I have you two booked on the East-coast for the Caps as Red Rockers and MelTing and I are booked for the West-coast try outs with the LA Kings Ice Crew. Yes, I know. Not very imaginative names for LA.  I was thinking we should be Ice […]

This Week's Play-Offs Are Brought To You By The Letter "D".

I know what you’re thinking, I’m going to pull the obvious word out my butt, but not yet. I’ll get to Letang and dreamy Mike Green and someone else in a second. But first up, Jeremy Roenick has been harping on the first word, DISCIPLINE. Coming from JR, it conjures a couple of thoughts because […]

Shark Attack!

After last night’s devastation I am at a loss – so are the Kings – 3 to be precise. The Kings have to travel back to the shark tank and try to win one or go home. Dany Heatly seems to be up to some old tricks tripping Martinez which could have caused a serious injury and Jumbo […]

Ol' Black Magic.

This is how much I believe in Drew Doughty. I conjured up some photo shop skills and unleashed a magic spell of my own. Tonight, UNLEASH THE BEAST! Good luck Drew.


How did this happen? I don’t know. One minute it was 4-0 LA Kings and the next it was 5-3 and then 5-5. Drew Doughty – you broke my heart last night because you DIDN’T SHOW UP! Handing San Jose a franchise record of 5 goals in one period and one of only 4 NHL teams […]

The Beard.

This week’s beard update. Here’s where it stands. The Sedin’s are disqualified because they always have one and it’s always groomed. Shea Weber started too early but I’ll include him solely because of its sheer awesomeness but he’s out of the running and same goes for George Parros. And believe it or not, there is actually an attractive […]

Doughty Gets His On Own 'History Will Be Made' Spot!

Just when I said I couldn’t love him more? *sigh*

This Is How Much I Love Drew Doughty And The LA Kings!

Unfortunately Robot Chicken won’t let you upload the clip so you have to follow the (link) but it was Drew Doughty ALL NIGHT LONG! Chang- Ching! I couldn’t stand it last night! If the puck was anywhere near Drew it went in! He was the second star in the NHL behind Pavel Datsyuk; he tied the franchise record with an […]

Your Moment Of Play-Off Stress Relief Zen.

Kaner’s Stanley Cup Pants-Off Dance Off: Captain Serious – aka Jonathan Toews does an interview SHIRTLESS: Out and about in LA with Drew, Jarret and Matt from the LA Kings … YEOW! Drew looks Smokin’ HOT! And Scooter MaGoo …

Ovi Bought Me Coffee – Again!

I am so wearing ‘the outfit’ more … Especially during play-offs to STARBUCKS! A big shout out to Random Maple Leaf Fan this AM who bought my Venti Earl Gray Tea Latte. You made my morning after the LA KINGS lost a heart-braker to San Jose last night. 🙁 You also made me laugh when […]

The Finnish Flash Drops The Gloves During Final Freeway Face-Off!

Last night’s game against the Kings wasn’t exciting for me since they lost and looked lost on the ice especially when Captain DT. Brown went out for a bit with a sore ouchie. (not minimizing his pain, just borrowing BB’s explanation for hockey player’s injuries) The only bright spot was an interview with Kopitar from the sidelines with Heidi […]

Drew Doughty Is a Sexy Beast = LA Kings In The Playoffs!

By the Power of Gray Skull! Evidently God decided to touch not only Drew (“It might be a huge one”),  she decided to touch a couple of  LA Kings last night (oh please – I would so like to switch places for one day!) and put them into the plaaaaaay ooooooffffsss! Let me hear a […]

Tiger Blood And Adonis DNA.

Best. Sunday. Ever. All my boys played and did well today! The Caps are ‘Winning’ and not like Charlie Sheen. They gave the smack down to Derp face and Charlie’s true other brother Kaner Sunday to make it eight straight! But not without some cardiac arrest allowing Derpy to score with like 40 seconds left to send the damn thing […]

Did Someone Say Mike Modano?

Holy heavenly bodies & mullets my prayers are answered! The other Mikey is baaaaack! After what I thought might be a career ending injury our resident legendary hottie Mike Modano played Saturday against Buffalo and tonight against another Foxy Friday alumni Double D TBG and as sad as it is to say, Detroit beat the crap out of LA 7-4. TBG only got […]

Herzlichen Willkömmen, mein bevorzugten Herren Sturm!

Das ist ausgezeichnet? Ja? The Washington Capitals picked up this German born hottie-BOOM-ba-hopefully-GOAL-A-LOTTIE from another one of my favorite teams, the LA KINGS off waivers right before the trade deadline. A first-round draft choice (21st overall) in the 1996 NHL Entry Draft, Sturm is the NHL’s all-time leader in goals, assists, points and games by […]

Imponderable Conundrum.

What do you do when your two favorite teams are playing each other? Who do you root for? That was the imponderable conundrum of the day when the Washington Capitals played the LA Kings today. At least for me. So what do you all do? I figure there are no losers! Either way I’m a winner! […]