All the Small Things

I was really going to do a post about this Winnipeg Jets’ cookbook… so close.  They Instagrammed something and being married to a chef, I was hooked!  Sadly the video is a yawn but those wings looked pretty delish.  It’s for charity and so, yeah. Off to the interwebs to find something to care about. […]

One Last Thing

I hate to say ‘it’s almost that time of year,’ but with about 10 games left in the regular season, we’ll soon say goodbye to some of our favorites. And hello to their off-season golf shorts, boats-on-lakes and selfies.  Amirite? Before it’s over, a last look at some players we haven’t looked at in a […]

Know When to Hold ‘Em

Someday I’ll go to a hockey team’s Casino Night.  Someday I’ll have $250 to spend on an event that doesn’t involve either Vegas or getting a tan.  Or they could move these to Vegas and I could do all three at once. The Caps and Islanders hosted casino nights last night.  The events benefit wonderful […]

One More Sad Song

I’ve spent the last 21.5 hours searching for the perfection .gif to capture my feelings about hockey. Team USA won. Canada almost lost to Latvia. Then they won. But John Tavares left the game with a leg injury. And didn’t return. Now he’s out for the rest of the NHL regular season with a torn […]

Control Yourself

John Tavares wants to control his emotions:   That is, assuming he has any.  I certainly can’t control mine – this ad campaign gives me the stupid giggles, defeating the obvious intention to hypnotize me with John’s voice.  I half-heard it while dozing off, but I’m suddenly inspired to buy a lot of shaving cream […]

Phone Home

I did not make this video. That’s right – someone interviewed John Tavares, complete with curls and a boyfriend shirt, calling his parents in sleepy morning voice while sitting on an unmade bed.  And it was not I.   You guys probably think I haven’t posted this because I died watching it.  Truth is, it’s been […]

Cheer Up, It’s Christmas

For context and credibility purposes, this should probably get an entire post full of information and thoughtful, well-written prose.  Instead I just want to say “johntavaresswoon” and leave it at that. To spread some holiday spirit to our Islanders fans friends, who are having an apocalyptically rough time right now, this is the cutest thing […]

Notes from the Front Row

While it’s not quite puppies (okay, here’s Tyler Seguin with Marshall), let’s talk about something fun.  Like the Saturday after Thanksgiving when I woke up with a stomach bug, barfed 20 times and still dragged my ass 3 hours to Long Island.  Why would I do such a thing? To be in the front row for […]

The Most Wonderful Time

The holiday season is here!  We have stuffed our faces and basked in food coma.  We’ve broken out the ski socks and mittens.  I watched 5 straight episodes of Covert Affairs before bothering to check if I could fast forward the commercials.  Now that we’re back after American Thanksgiving, everyone is ready to work: Movember is […]

Congratulations on Your Face

SCENE: Thursday, 1 A.M.  Too tired to sleep and still punch drunk from watching the Penguins in person, Pants scrolls through Instagram. CUT TO: Point of view shot of Pants’ phone. CUT TO: Reaction shot.  Hold for 20 minutes. END SCENE. Sometimes, I just lose it (ex: Matt Niskanen and That is Not a Turtle) […]

Focus Features

If you’re the NHL’s First Star of the Week, you’re already having a time. It’s not really fair that you also look like this: Hi-res left/right Jeez, Stamkos.  Leave something for the mere mortals. These are (again) from the Sharp for Men November ’13 issue photo shoot.  You can download the issue for your iPad […]

Smiling’s My Favorite

To accurately tell you how much work I have to do, I’d need one of those “to the power of” superscript numbers next to infinity.  Which isn’t even enough.  But how am I supposed to work under these conditions?! John Tavares talks with Kathryn Tappen about his first NHL goal:   OF COURSE YOUR FIRST […]

No Big Deal

Me, on Friday: “This has been the toughest work week of my career.  I’m feeling pretty badass for getting through it.” John Tavares: “I heard it’s your birthday.  Here, hold my tooth.” When I was told about this, I thought, “I don’t want to see that but really I do.” When I watched it, I […]

All the World’s a Stage

I got home and flipped on the TV last night and this was on.  There may have been shrieking. Tavares shows Roenick around the ice – NBC Sports Network (If you’re in Canada, enjoy this budget version filmed off my TV, complete with crickets singing outside.) I can promise you this will go on all […]

That’s a Lot of Cows

This is from the dark and horrible days of the lockout, but I bring it to you now for one reason: When John Tavares does something right, scores a goal and/or tucks in his shirt (so, every day), I’m going to say, “That’s a lot of cows.” #thatslotofcows   He doesn’t say “yeah,” he says […]

Birthday Boy: John Tavares

Everyone’s favorite hot middle school science teacher and un-ironic wearer of khaki pants turns 23 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOHN TAVARES! from mistfarer, tagged #boyfriendfilter Yes, 23. Our love for John is not new – he was Foxy Friday back in March 2012 – but we have been a bit, er, cult-ish lately.  He had a big […]

Best Thing I’ve Ever Read at 1:49 AM.

It’s 1:49 AM and I’m crying laughing.  Why, you might ask? The best thing I’ve read in ages: Do the John Tavares Workout at Home – Lighthouse Hockey I don’t know which part is best, the warning to not actually do any of these things or the “Extra Work” that includes (and I quote): After completing […]

Summer’s Almost Gone

I cannot go away for one second!  It’s like Toy Story in here – I go outside and everything suddenly comes to life.  Where to begin? #TeamEbs took over the NHL Instagram account and used the opportunity to make fun of Molly Ringwald. Our favorite boy band also introduced an act at the Canadian Country […]

On Pants

I can’t dedicate the required time to Team Canada without taking it as a paid job, but I can spend three minutes on this. Remember the show Lost?  All that time on a deserted island, living off leaves and opening random hatches while everyone’s eyebrows stayed plucked?  The magic of television is everywhere, folks. Don’t […]

Team Canada – Recess

There is video from yesterday’s Team Canada ball hockey game. The players all look so happy – almost as happy as I would be if this were a t-shirt shop and I had a bag full of Canadian money.  Collect all 48! There are moments when, as part of the unfreezing process, you have no […]