He Went Where?

Whew!  That a day that was.  It felt like the every NHL player got dumped into a bingo spinner and names were plucked at near-random.  Toss in a few hours of top-stress soccer and Tuesday never wore me out so much. The carnage is far from complete, but look who made a new life plan […]

A Bruins Christmas Spectacular!

From ugly sweater photos and awkward, Russian-accented renditions of “Jingle Bells”, lots of NHL teams are getting into the holiday spirit. Now comes the Bruins’ turn – and it’s a Christmas gem. The Bear in the Gang – A Christmas Spectacular In this Bear and the Gang Christmas Spectacular, the team is all gathered in […]

Pucks and Pups: The Bruins Edition

Hockey players.  Puppies. Two of the things we love most in the world. Put them together and let the seal-clapping and squeeeeeing commence. The Boston Bruins released their own 2014 calendar – just in time for the holiday season, natch – and here are some of the highlights I have no idea what is going […]

Growing Older, But Not Up

Do you remember the year Ray Bourque left the Bruins for the Avalanche?  The next season he won the only Stanley Cup of his incredible career, then retired?  It was flag-waving, heart-soaring, Disney-worthy stuff.  A Boston sport radio station bought billboards in Denver to wish Ray luck. If you weren’t crying, you were the Devils. […]

I Like Winning

As much as I like intensely battled hockey games, it’s nice to get a big win once in a while.  It’s nice to take a 3-1 playoff series lead. Last night’s Pens/Sens game significantly reduced my risk of a heart attack.   Malkin said Neal was ready to bust out of his scoring slump [link], […]

About Last Night…

MEMO FROM CHUCK’S DESK Oh what fresh HELL is this! The last 12 hours have been a roller coaster of emotions. First, the drama of the Bruins/Candiens game. Never ceases to amaze me how these games can take me to the height of joy down to the bitter pit of despair so many time in […]

Lobster Night!

YAY!  LOBSTER!  File this one under “No One Cares But Pants” if you must, but Calgary has signed Alex Tanguay to a 5-year contract. Tanguay and the Flames have agreed to a five-year extension that will pay the offensively-gifted forward $17.5 million. [Article at NHL.com] Alex and I go way back to when Crosby and […]

One Year Mark: Golden Goal

One year ago today, everyone I know was on Twitter or Facebook talking about how great hockey is as the US and Canada faced off in the Olympic gold medal game.  We could hear them cheering in our apartment complex, and it wasn’t the two Russian guys down the hall. My response: I have been […]

It's Sweet Sweet Back's Bad Ass Foxy Friday!

If you don’t get the reference, you don’t know Jack so go ask your mama! I give you Jarome Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla – yes, that is his full, given name. And he owns it. He’s my squishy. Most call him Iggy, I call him Nomie, always have, always will but anyone who […]

Battle of Alberta: Round 1

The Calgary Flames visited the Edmonton Oilers last night.  Of course they hate each other, so it’s like putting your ex-boyfriend in a room with your older brother and letting them duke it out.  The game was both a total mess and really fun to watch. Highlight of the Game: Alex Tanguay’s game-winning shootout goal! […]

Lobster Watch

This post was alternately called “I am a Jerk,” because I am.  You may recall in September I posted a little prayer for Alex Tanguay to succeed in Calgary, because he is my lobster.  Well, someone was listening. Alex got 2 goals and an assist on Sunday night vs Edmonton. I was at Jimmy Buffett, […]