Pants got the pretty, but Chuck got the gritty.

They might not be pretty as Pants’ team…but Dave’s a KILLER! are pretty boss. 260 goals.  516 assists.  + 210.  615 PIM. 273 PPP.  2,446 SOG.  Plus I got Lobster (LOBSTAH!), the Lousy Ventriloquist, Darth Quaider, the Professor, and the Tank. This is gonna be fun.

Not to brag, but…

While I was busy watching a Hugh Jackman movie last night, the Ghost in the Machine was drawing my fantasy hockey team.  I want this higher power to pick my outfits – look at this beauty! When I named my team for Mike Green, that automatically meant I wouldn’t get him.  Happened last year with […]

Fantasy Draft Day: Sort of like the NHL's…but not…

The start of the inaugural season of WUYS Fantasy Hockey league is right around the corner, so you know what that means…. DRAFT DAY! As much as we would LOVE to hold our very own Combine (Running! Jumping! Flexing!) and rent out an arena in which to hold said draft, we just can’t.  WUYS doesn’t […]

Second Place is the First…

I have moved up to 2nd place in my fantasy hockey league!  Granted I had a lot of players on the ice last night, but I’ll take it.  My team was lurking around 5th for a long time but we are as hot as the Penguins right now. I’d like to thank Dustin Byfuglien, Patrick […]

Countdown: 9 Days

I am so cranky!  First I couldn’t wait for pre-season and now I’m already tired of it.  Split-squad games, pretending I care who is reassigned… boring.  The sound of skates on ice is lovely, but I’m ready for stuff to count.  In anticipation of that, today’s news items are things I think will actually matter […]