Foxy Friday: Farewell

There are three Fridays left in the regular season, and with that, it’s time to bite the bullet. We must bid adieu to some of our favorites, sending them off to summer with strict instructions for shirtless boat-selfies, colorful golf pants/plaid shorts and hey, if anyone wants to pour ice water over his head and post […]

Foxy Friday: Alex Wennberg

Sometimes when you post a Foxy Friday, you immediately get a text message saying you’re wrong. That there is one choice and one choice only, and that choice is clear. People are so demanding. Foxy Friday: Alexander Wennberg In defense of these texts, Alex is just about the only Swedish NHL player we haven’t featured. […]

Hard Out Here

Well, that was a night. Penguins take years off my life, defeat Blue Jackets in series: 4-2 What are we supposed to do?  NOT hope for leads because they get snatched away? NEVER want a power play for fear of giving up a shorty?  I don’t know which end is up except the Penguins won […]

Weekend Update

I didn’t get to watch much hockey after Friday night, but the playoffs wait for no DVR.  In case anyone else (mostly) missed the weekend festivities… The networks have all kinds of on-hiatus hockey players pitching in as commentators during these playoffs.  Let us make the offer official: Alex Pietrangelo, you and your currently unemployed […]

Of Course It Did

Well… Last night I was very PANIC! AT THE DISCO.  I feel a little better this morning , so allow me to re-edit my thoughts. Blue Jackets: 4; Penguins: 3 [Series tied 2-2] Listen, Fleury has been the Penguins’ best player all series.  Sometimes he is their only player actually playing.  So much has been […]

The Night Before

Allow me to present the Day 6 update as an autobiographical look at my catastrophic emotional instability. Penguins: 4, Blue Jackets 3 [Pens lead series 2-1] This game started and an instant later the Jackets had scored two goals.  Okay, maybe it took 3:18, but it felt like a heartbeat.  The Penguins were not ready, not willing and not […]

Day One

There are two ways to spend any night during the NHL Playoffs: Enjoy a composed evening of important hockey that matters on a theoretical level, but not to your team. Like me, last night: One goal games all around, and no one made it look easy.  Here we go, Round One: Day One already gearing […]

Foxy Friday: Matt Calvert

I don’t remember how this guy came to my attention, but when I almost Foxy Friday’d him a few weeks ago, he was injured (like everyone else). Now he’s back and refreshed my memory in the best possible way – by scoring last night against the Rangers.  So here you have it, friend. Foxy Friday: […]

Foxy Friday: The Future

With the NHL lockout looming over us like that creepy guy at work always looking over your shoulder at your computer, we’re starting to worry. A large part of our anxiety is that if the NHL does lockout, we will be denied a new shiny batch of Foxy Fridays to choose from.  And that is […]

Two for the Road

We don’t watch as much Western Conference hockey as we’d like – it’s past our bedtimes.  For those who do, and whose teams ended their 2011-2012 seasons last night, this one’s for you. The Dallas Stars finished in 9th place last year too.  Frustrated but the hopeful.  The ultimate hockey fan emotions. Flames fans are […]

Had a Bad Day

Yesterday’s NHL Trade Deadline was a snore.  I thought Twitter might melt from all the ennui and complaints, or Alyonka Larianov’s increasingly desperate attempts to hold our interest.  Here’s how things shook out [link]. John Scott was “shocked” to be traded to the Rangers, and was in the middle of doing laundry when the call […]

DDTBG Game Winner!

Now if that’s not touched by god, I don’t know what is. Drew was due, that we knew. Should I make all this rhyme too? It was review-able but it was still do-able. But the refs said it was good, that made the CBJ’s bang their wood and Drew got a goal with only .04 […]

Around The League In Milestone Minutes

 It was a banner weekend ladies as many of our men made history and milestones: chillin in the dome with Jerome: Iggy got his 500th goal.  Teemu got his 651st goal by the end of the night.  Little Danny Briere put on his big boy pants and got in his third ever fight and had […]

Terrible Outbreak of Shpilkis in the Genechtagazoink.

Scott Arniel is the latest NHL coach to catch a case of the shpilkis. He’s out at Blue Jackets head coach.  Todd Richards is in. This morning the Blue Jackets announced that assistant coach Todd Richards will be taking over coaching duties of the struggling team (on an interim basis) for the rest of the […]

WUYS Morning News

Mike Green didn’t make the trip to Winnipeg with the Caps, but he did take his sprained ankle to the Kid Rock show in DC last night.  He wore his only favorite sweater (seriously, he wears this more than Toews wears that suit) and that hat that makes me want to throw snowballs.  Money was […]

Anything you can do, I can do better.

Move over Kris Letang! Rick’s got his own workout video AND his own home gym in which to do it. Four words. Rick. Nash. Workout. Video. *dies* Why I am I just finding this now?? This man can wear a backwards baseball cap like a boss.  

Rick Nash – Are you trying to kill me?

Seriously. He’s doing this on purpose.   Just to torture me. Doesn’t he know what this does to me? *swoons* The hair. The beard. Those shoulders. *chuckmeltsintopuddleoflove* P.S. Click here to watch post game interview of Rick being all adorable and lumberjacky. *meltsalloveragain*

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility recently posted its NHL Power Rankings for Week 20.  Some teams shot up the rankings like the Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Kings , and Columbus Blue Jackets.  While some faltered like the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins.  (Pants and Dawn are extremely sad pandas.  Like really really sad.) As a Bruins fan, I’m glad […]

Foxy Friday: Rick Nash

It is a well documented fact that I love lumberjacks. Okay, so not actual lumberjacks (considering I’ve never met one) but guys who look like lumberjacks.  Tall.  Scruffy.  Woodsy.  Unabashedly manly. For this week’s Foxy Friday, I’ve decided to honor Columbus Blue Jackets right winger, Rick Nash – the original NHL Lumberjack. In all honesty, […]

Oops. Did I Do That?

Not a good weekend for some goalies. Tim Thomas ended up watching this one go straight down the five hole LITERALLY. Which was a complete oddity given that Timmy the Tank was playing so well. When I saw it happen live I was screaming at the TV and Mr. Cherrie because I had sent him to kitchen to get […]