Hugs for Hawks

You guys are relentless.  GIVE US PUPPIES!  I think this wins for the most emails, comments, pings, forwards and IMs I’ve ever gotten saying POST THIS NOW.  Okay, okay!  We don’t just sit around the house and blog, you know?  (Yesterday I totally did.) Just when we need someone who can be counted on to […]

Foxy Friday: Brandon Bollig

By popular demand, repeated Tweets and just an overall campaign of “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!”, today’s selection is the NHL’s Most Likely to Be Suggested. Foxy Friday: Brandon Bollig Why does Brandon get so many nominations?  Could it be: – The perfect beard? – Stylish outfits? – His excellent taste in music? – Putting […]

Canadians for America

Er, Chicagoans for Chicago?  You know what I mean.  I was going to call this post “Cup(s)” but I don’t have time for all the Pitch Perfect jokes today. (Hard pass.) The Blackhawks visited DC yesterday to bring the Cup to the White House a second time.  While I should have been peering through fences and avoiding […]

Blackhawks Convention ’13

Both Chuck and I are drowning in work today, but over the weekend hockey players were dancing.  Emergency post. Remember last year’s Blackhawks Convention, when we thought nothing could ever top this? Phone booth not included. Patrick Kane heard us.  And declared shenanigans. Bless this girl who gets up to the mic and asks Toews […]

Party Rock

What better way to celebrate Canada Day than with the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks?  Since we cannot keep up with these kids, here are ten great photos from the festivities of the last week. Whatever you expected from a Patrick Kane party, you were underestimating. SWEDES, you have passed us!! (photo by @jstefanc) Police barricades […]

Only When We Wake Up…

Did that really just happen?  I keep waiting to wake up and find that it was all just some horrible nightmare.  I’m Leo Dicaprio, spinning that totem, waiting for it to keep spinning to let me know that this is some cruel inception. But unfortunately it is not. Game 6 really did happen. The Bruins […]

Blackhawks Win the Cup

So ends the 2013 season.  One lockout.  Zero Winter Classics, 24/7 episodes, All-Star Games or NHL Awards ceremonies.  One Stanley Cup. credit: sportsmockery I’m sure Chuck will do a post about the Bruins when she’s ready.  For now we send her and our other Bruins fan friends love.  We’ve all had teams lose before, but […]

Beard of the Year

It’s here… #BeardWatch2013’s Beard of the Year!  I had to do this one solo, as Chuck is away, but I’m sure she will appreciate it from her European Vacation.  There were so many possibilities this year – manly beards as far as the eye can see.  An excellent problem to have. Read it here: Yahoo Puck […]

Late Night Alumni

Did I say yesterday that Game 4 would go to overtime?  I was really proud of my predicition until I remembered almost every Blackhawks playoff game goes to overtime.  And lately, Brent Seabrook’s been ending them.   Look at Seabs’ hair post-game.  Was there a full moon last night?  He’s about to chew through the […]

Raiders of the Stanley Cup

Everyone knows that any nerd movie worth watching involves some sort of an epic quest – a quest for something so important, powerful, that it could forever change the course of human history. Lord of the Rings.  Star Wars.  The Goonies. Tonight at 8pm in the Madhouse on Madison, another quest will begin. Warriors will […]

Foxy Friday: Brent Seabrook

By popular demand, this week’s Foxy Friday is Wednesday’s playoff hero: Brent Seabrook Brent Seabrook, bastion of blueline presence for the Chicago Blackhawks, had some unprecedented struggles at the start of the Hawks’ Western Conference semifinal vs. Detroit.  He was not the only one.  But when Seabs could hardly be there for himself, when he […]

BeardWatch2013: We’re Holding Out for a Hero

“We need a hero. We’re holding out for a hero to the end of the night.  He’s gotta have a beard and he’s gotta have fuzz. And he’s gotta be fresh from the ice.” ~ Chuck & Pants It’s Conference Final time, and every hockey fan knows it’s often a new guy, a third-liner or […]

Bigger, Better, Faster, MORE.

So this is it: If your team won a Stanley Cup in the last four years, remain in your seat to ride the roller coaster again.  If not, you probably hate this.  It’s like playing original Monopoly, before they swapped the iron for a cat, and thinking, “Oh great, the old shoe won again.”  (Seriously, […]

Magnificent Sevens

Over the weekend, things got very interesting out west.  First the Sharks and Kings repeated the Capitals/Rangers dance of winning every home game to take their series to seven games.   I hope the trend of that series continues… which would mean the Sharks win Game 7.  The Kings got to be bearded longest last […]

Put Me In, Coach!

Just when there’s no time for any blogging today, the Hawks put Viktor Stalberg back into the lineup.  And I find time to send you this: Here’s the story from  The Hawks were the Hawks in Game 1, winning 4-1 over Detroit.  Then a Freaky Friday (though it was Saturday) body-switching catastrophe happened and […]

Una Noche

One night of the 2013 NHL Playoffs is in the books.  Everybody still with us? Blackhawks vs. Wild The Hawks didn’t play their best, but they squeaked one out vs. the Wild.  As the regular clock wound down and overtime became imminent, we all did this: Every damned time.  In last year’s first round, 5 […]

Birthday Boy: Jonathan Toews

I’ve been collecting a folder of pics and gifs, for that day when the world just needs more Jonathan Toews.  Today is that day. Happy 25th birthday, Tazer! We all know that Jonathan hates fun. He prefers to win, and win often.  Luckily the Blackhawks are pretty good at hockey and Toews himself is alright […]

Asshole Day

I’m a publicist in real life, which generally leads me to desire a talking ban on everyone until their comments have been approved.  But that’s my dream world. Last night, Duncan Keith made a probably sexist, definitely stupid remark to a female reporter after the Blackhawks loss to Vancouver.  From Puck Daddy: Keith: “What did […]

Because it’s the Cup

Recently, Jess and I were quoting Sam from Love Actually and his brilliant, unintended summation of the NHL playoffs: Worse than the total agony of being in love? We’re almost there again.  The gut-wrenching, screaming-into-a-pillow, obsecenity-laden euphoria and destruction of the post-season. In past years, the NHL has come up with some great commercials to capture […]

WUYS Convention 2014

The NHL wants to make up for the lockout, draw casual fans back into hockey and perhaps attract some new ones in a less turbulent year, because we’re still really mad at them.  Right? Not now, girls.  Er, we may be feeling warmer and fuzzier and playoff-ier… Seriously!  Hold it together. Then someone says: from […]