Foxy Friday: You Tell Us

Happy National Hairstyle Appreciation Day! Okay, it was yesterday. How this is 1) a holiday or 2) occurs without our say-so is a mystery, but it’s never too late to join in the, er, appreciating. Especially on a Friday. I’ve very scientifically chosen the photos below.  Browse them – and we mean Take. Your. Time. (For example, […]

Principal's Office

It’s getting hot in here, and Brendan Shanahan’s phone was ringing off the hook yesterday.  Three players face disciplinary hearings for offenses committed during Saturday’s run of show… 1. Carl Hagelin Former Foxy Friday and Ryan Gosling stun- double Carl Hagelin is not known for throwing elbows and getting dirrrty.  But the playoffs make people […]

Foxy Friday: Carl Hagelin

In the middle of the ASG Skills Competition I looked up and said, “Who the hell is that?”  I knew Ryan Gosling was Canadian, but…. It was Carl Hagelin, of course. The 23-year old Swede has 8 goals/10 assists in 31 games for the Rangers this season.  He was a late addition to the ASG Rookie […]