The Kids Would Be Proud

Once upon a time there was an All-Star Weekend that reminded me how much I love hockey.  Well, that happens every year. But this weekend, like so much of this season, I didn’t actually get to watch anything. GAH! What follows is the best I was able to mash up from Twitter and my imagination… […]

And Now For The CBC-ASG Version

Ok, so Pants and Chuck watched the Versus Broadcast and I watched the CBC broadcast because I don’t get Versus, both literally and philosophically. Below is the Sports Centre highlight of the Mad Skills wrap up if you want to watch. So here are my highlights and lowlights of the ASG weekend in no particular order: […]

ASG Weekend #3: The Big Game

We’re finally through.    Yesterday’s NHL All-Star Game capped a great weekend for hockey and it might take us a while to recover.  Team Chuck (Lidstrom) won 11-10.  That’s 5 more goals than the average ASG, and it felt like it.  Our fave moments: – Cam Ward was mic’d up and stole the show in the […]

Mikey Monday

When I saw this photo, I nearly burst my spleen laughing.  WHO DOES THESE? Either brilliant or tragic, you decide. Yah00! Puck Daddy caption: “Dude, senior prom was weird this year.” My first thought was: This is how they make their moves on the ladies. Let me dim the lights by throwing my jersey over […]

I Survived ASG Weekend

Let’s take this in baby steps and try not to get too carried away.  Because we could go on for DAYS about All-Star Weekend (wait, we already have). First, everyone missed their flights to Raleigh.  Patrick Kane was busy packing his “Louis V shades.”  Mike Green and Ovi couldn’t fit two grown men and hockey […]

Put me in, coach!

Chuck and I also did a mock rookies draft yesterday, which resulted in less slap fighting but a little more name-calling.  Because neither of us wanted Subban.  At all.  But Chuck ended up with him (mwhahahaha) because she also got the only Boston U alumni in the group. The whole point of this draft was […]

Mock All-Star Draft: WUYS Style

Now what kind of hockey bloggers would we be if we didn’t do our own Mock Draft for NHL All-Star Game?  Terrible ones, that’s what kind. Just to preface, this draft was conducted via Gmail chat and remained mostly civil and professional, with the exception of when Pants drafted Sharp and when Chuck drafted Letang. […]

Working for the Weekend

I hope you’ve cleared your schedules for All-Star weekend.  If you’re not snowed in (Chuck) or 2839.97 miles away (me), please go to the events and report back!  At least the free stuff, like… Red Carpet Arrivals [] Saturday, prior to the Honda NHL SuperSkills, players will arrive at the RBC Center to a red […]

Too Injured For All-Star Game But Not For Bowling?

Um…? The Penguins had their annual Pens and Pins Charity Bowling event on 1/17 and either Malkin and Crosby have been seeing a faith healer or something is rotten in Pittsburg. Not to taint my love for all things Letang because he is still smokin’ hot as evidenced above but for realsies? This is one of the many reasons I can’t […]

All-Star, Not A-List

Who saw the season premiere of Modern Family on ABC?  When the beloved station wagon starts rolling empty toward the cliff while they watch helplessly?  The father jumps on the hood, starfish-style, in a desperate attempt to do something, anything.  And his wife stands by and yells, “What’s the plan, Phil?!”  Tell me NHL, what […]

Mikey Monday

Mike talked about his All-Star Game alternate captaincy before the Caps went out and spanked the Leafs [Video].  They play the Rangers today on Versus… damn, I wanted to watch Elk Hunter. The real All Star is Mike’s cowlick though – how do you even get a helmet on over this hair? And because you […]

YES! Team Green!

Introducing Mike Green, All-Star Game alternate captain for Team Staal.  I control the universe!!  This could not wait for Mikey Monday. From the article, I just loved this part: Green has been the NHL’s most dynamic offensive defenseman the previous two seasons, but he has also steadily improved his work at the defensive end. […]

We Got Skills

The NHL announced the Skills Competition format for this year’s All-Star Game.  This has always been our favorite part of ASG weekend, because there is lots of skating without helmets. Lunchtime poll: Will Letang wears a helmet or not? He’d need a headband for sure but it’s a sin to cover up that hair.  Maybe […]

The Captain's Chair

EStaaaaaaal and Nick Lidstrom are the 2011 All-Star Game Captains and I have to say WELL DONE, NHL.  This is so fun already.  And Eric is smiling.  I haven’t been this excited about a Captain since Malcolm Reynolds. This is the ultimate olive branch because even if you hate the Wings (slowly raises hand), you […]

The Professor Gets an A++ and the Killer B's Attack

Last night, the Bruins faced off against the struggling Ottawa Senators and WUYS fave (and Foxy Friday honoree) Patrice Bergeron notched is first career hat-trick in the Bs 6-nil win over the Sens. The Garden crowd thought that Bergy got the hat trick at 14:07 of the 2nd and launched their caps on to the […]

Everybody Loves All-Stars

Pretty much every team has posted their All-Stars’ reactions to being selected, so there are a ton of videos.  But I like this one best – it’s Team Dawn and Team Pants.  I think these two are the only Capitals NOT in a bromance, despite the enthusiasm of their on-ice hugging. [Video]  PS: I still […]

Pens All-Star Lineup

The Pens have an All-Star reaction video up [Video].  It looks like the Grinch snuck in and cleared out their locker room. We can’t get 10 extra seconds to let Tanger talk?  Bonus clip of him licking his lips while Sid talks – he could be thinking what I’m thinking. Apparently The Hat has not […]

Hey now, you're an All-Star.

Remember way back on November 15 when I posted my NHL All-Star Game starting lineup?  Well 4 out of my 6 were just named All-Stars by the general fan voting!  Once again, I control the Universe. Mikey was not on the list, but I’ll take Duncan Keith FTW! Also, Flower makes me a little, uh… […]

Rock the Vote: ASG '11

Hey you, fans of freedom and democracy.  It’s time to vote for the NHL All-Star Game 2011.  Put aside your petty team allegiances and indulge your guilty hockey pleasures by voting for whoever you like.  Log in to, page through the lovely headshots and vote for 3 forwards, 2 defensemen and a goalie.  If […]

All-New All-Star Game

So it’s sixth grade and you’re in gym class, wearing itchy cotton/poly-blend elastic shorts and RecSpecs over your glasses.  You stand in the back, behind the awkwardly tall early-growth-spurt kids, hoping no one will notice you.  But they always do.  They always pick you last. It’s the reality of adolescence, the prepubescent torture made famous […]