The Island of Misfit Boys

Here you are in your Team Whatever jersey, wearing patriotic mittens, when you find out one (or more) of your favorite NHL players didn’t make their respective Olympic team.  Don’t worry, you’re not alone. For two solid weeks in February, you’re invited to our party. Okay, it’s probably going to look more like this: But […]

Uphill Battle

The emotional roller coaster that is the Washington Capitals delivered another Ovechkin overtime winner last night.  They should give out blood pressure medication with programs. As I said after the Islanders games, we’ll take the point(s).  But the 60 minutes of sloppy, uneven play and constant turnovers it took to get there are infuriating.  When […]

Let's Get Loud

You guys are the best.  Mike Green starts Tweeting and our phone rings off the hook!  FOUND PANDA, people! Mike was as excited as Gator and I about the Caps putting together a serious, solid win.  Ovi had a goal (haven’t typed that in a long time), Nicky and Jeff Halpern each 1 G/1 A, […]

Bye Bye, BB.

The Capitals have fired Bruce Boudreau and replaced him with NHL alum and first-time head coach Dale Hunter. It’s the same sort of surprise when you fall out of a tree hit the ground.  It was probably inevitable, but you’re still a little shocked to find that this is the time.   You thought it […]

Mikey Monday: Not a Drill

The news on Mike is: 1) He’s not skating [link].  Boudreau hopeful Mike will be able to skate by the end of this week. 2) The Caps are kinda falling apart.  Semin’s demoted to 4th line and may be a healthy scratch vs. Phoenix tonight [link].  They’ve lost 6 of 7 games, giving up 27 […]

Mikey Monday: Game Over

Gator and I had the best time ever at the Caps Home Opener on Saturday. First of all, the warm-up skate.  Mike Green, no helmet, cruising around like the Fresh Prince in Summertime – “Two miles an hour so everybody sees you.”  Yes, he’s fresh from the barber shop and basketball courts in the summer […]

Mikey Monday

I’m traveling for work and frankly have nothing anyway, but these make me laugh.  Everybody’s so tough.  Err…

Let it Out.

I can’t stop laughing.  Someone sent me this because I said I’d never heard Sasha Fierce speak a word – and he actaully speaks English in this video.  But the show is stolen by Ovi’s maniac roller coaster screaming… man, if you could gif a noise this would be the best.  Start at the 1 […]

Mikey Monday: Had a Bad Day

Whenever someone messes up in a Caps game I think, “Thank God it wasn’t Mike.”  But last night, it was. I hung around Verizon for about 30 min yesterday after the Nationals game, deciding if I should spend way too much money on a hockey ticket or save it for Game 5.  If there is […]

A Good Roomate?

An Epic Bromance is more like it! Watch Ovi light up when he talks about ‘Semmy’ and Mike Green later on about his roommate Nicky B. No wonder these guys keep winning! There is so much love here, no woman will ever come between them and their underarmour! And sorry ladies, I wouldn’t room with […]

Foxy Friday – Jason Arnott!

The Caps needs some love and they got it in the form of sexy #44 from New Jersey who waived his no-trade clause in February go to Washington and serve as a strong center for BB and Capt. Ovi! He’s the only one on the team with a cup under his belt and has put […]

Is It Over Yet?

I can’t bare to look. The last thing I remember was Ovi stabbing at the puck like a fat girl trying to the grab the last cupcake at happy hour at Cupcake Royale and believe me, I KNOW because that is usually ME! And trust me, you don’t want your fingers anywhere between me and the last […]

Oh NOVI Didn't – Again!

Magic numerical numbers for the Caps this weekend as number 28 tallies number 28 – that’s Sasha Fierce for those not counting. And number 22 for number 22  and that would be Knuble and non-Ruble. We also have career number 400 for number 44 – Sexy Jason Arnott. And last but not least – Ovi caps the magically numerical night off […]

Ovi Is Back On Twitter & My Moment Of Zen

My life is COMPLETE! After taking almost two years off twitter, the Gr8 8 (isn’t that redundant) why yes it would be –  is back tweeting important things like where he’s going to eat, when he’s going to bed and random comments like “Yes” or “luck” or who knows what. Actually, I could probably guess but …It […]

Sasha Squared = Bi-Winning!

Hey all you Caps fans! Did I call it or what? Who’s on fire? Sasha Fierce is on fire!  Who saved the game tonight against Tampa? Sasha Fierce tieing it with less than 7 minutes to go.  My other Russian Machine nailed the coffin shut with a shootout goal. Who won the game in OT against Florida? […]

Mikey Monday: Bromance

Three of our top searches yesterday? Mike Green, Capitals bromance, Washington Capitals bromance.  I think this means you want Mikey Monday: Bromance Edition.  We exhibited yesterday why Mikey needs a hug these days and who better to deliver than his ENTIRE team? It must take hours to amass so many exhibits for our bromance case […]

Sasha Fierce!

In effort to throw the other Sasha some good karma and some love, from WUYS, here is a post just for him. I guess he was on vacation? I don’t know. I don’t care. I was thinking about the trade issue and maybe he doesn’t want to stay in D.C. under the other Sasha’s shadow […]

Good News/Bad News

The good news? The Washington Caps  beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 1-0 tonight. My masterblaster, the Russian Machine punched another one passed Fleury for the only goal of the night making his stat against the Flower 20 points in 19 games. OUCH-A-RONY! But Ovi can only carry this team for so long. At some point, Atlas will shrug. The […]

Ovechkin Punches One Through and The Other Alex Hats A Trick!

The Caps finally snap their regulation losing streak against Pacific Division teams this season beating the Ducks 7-6! Semin had his FOURTH hat trick of the season (video). He is one of only two players in the NHL right now with that honor. For a dude with a scoring drought, he certainly knows how to come back […]

Olympic 2010 musings…

I love Canadians because they gave us hockey and aspirin with codeine without a prescription, but living in the most pass-aggressive city in the U.S. I know when I’m being told to piss off! Living close to the border, you’d think that we’d get lot’s of hockey here but you’d be wrong. U.S. NW peeps […]