Because It's My Birthday.

I have decided that if the Blackhawks have Tazer Cats, the Capitals are going to have the “Cat-ipals” and who else to better represent them as a mascat than MARU. In Japanese, his name means circle and that is exactly what the Capitals will be running around their opponents this year so in honor of their opening win, my birthday […]

Mikey Monday: Game Over

Gator and I had the best time ever at the Caps Home Opener on Saturday. First of all, the warm-up skate.  Mike Green, no helmet, cruising around like the Fresh Prince in Summertime – “Two miles an hour so everybody sees you.”  Yes, he’s fresh from the barber shop and basketball courts in the summer […]

Mikey Monday: Share the Love

The Capitals Convention was Saturday – Gator and I are now we’re double-extra-super excited for hockey season.  Oh, and this. No big deal. The day started with Gator and Slapshot fist-pumping around 11 AM (it’s never too early).  As you can see we are already holding beers. Liz got to see a real live Red […]

This Photo Needs No Words.

Thanks Puck Daddy! I feel you Kessler. Ovi has that effect on EVERYONE. You can’t help it. It’s OK. He’s magical. We won’t tell if you dry hump his leg. Kris Letang couldn’t help himself either. And Kris Letang is super hot too! He fell under Ovi’s magical spell. Look out BizNasty – you’re next!

BizNasty Is At It Again.

So Pants tweeted about this too and evidently she wasn’t the only one to call Ovi out on his meniacal twitter laughter. But it was accompanied by this: Coming from a man whose twitter photo is posing with Tony the Tiger? Really? I’m sure this will be settled on the ice. Oh, if Biz ever get’s […]

Speaking of Capt. Awesome.

Ovi crashed the Caps rookie camp yesterday and skated with the newbies! He sported the fashionable black jersey with his named slapped on the back and skated along with all the other young bucks. For being slagged as not so hands on (I protest & wish!) and for supposedly not being in shape – so not […]

What A Good Sport!

I swear before  I saw the photo I thought this might have been Pants & Gator or Pants & her friend NY Ranger fan or Pants & Chuck or Chuck & a friend. Some combination above. And they were going to run 10 blocks to get me Ovi’s autograph and tell him how much I love him since I was stuck […]

New Season, New Hope!

This is what I’ve been up to (see below) in hopes of helping the Capitals win the Stanley cup – FINALLY! I was so excited when I read the big fall preview of THN issue that still puts the Capitals as winning the cup in 2012! With all their off-season re-tooling, high praise for GMGM and loyalty to BB […]

Today just needs…

Gator and I are not having a great week in DC, but I think we’d feel better if Nicky were here.  His hugs always work on Mike. In fact, we nominate Nicky for Best Hugs in the WUYS High School Yearbook.  Ovi voting: Up for discussion: trip to Vegas, leaving tomorrow.  Who wants in?

These are not the Pants you're looking for.

The only thing Ovi loves more than a party?  Sweatpants. He attended the birthday of Russian singer/actor Andrei Grigoriev-Apollo in his best duds.  No wonder Dawn loves him. Things we love: If you Google “Ovechkin sweatpants,” this photo of Dawn’s rear end makes the top search results.

My Moment Of Zen.

And it’s real sisters! Road trip to Canada ….

There Are No Words

Since Rae bought me a beer last night, I’m posting this picture of Ovi for her.  Please tell me that’s not underwear, then jeans and then sweatpants.  I must be hallucinating. Not to mention he has his shirt off, in public, in China. You don’t have to ask Jon what he thinks. No really, don’t […]

Rick James Lives!

If you’ve ever watched Dave Chappelle, you’ve seen his Rick James’ semi-biographical parody where Rick James himself exclaims “Cocaine’s a hell of a drug!”

He's Having My Baby!

So the internet is all a buzz about Ovi’s ‘baby belly’, ‘beer belly’, ‘baby bump’ what evs. SRSLY. He did an interview for the Capitals 365 and he gets hated on for sitting there? Let’s talk about the guy sitting next to him. Can he get out of the 70’s with that hair? What about […]

Did You Know?

Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin are UFA’s  in 13/14 and 14/15 respectively? I was shocked by this – seeing that the golden goose and face of the NHL would be free to wander and check out other goods sooner rather than later. Ovi is locked and fully loaded with the Washington Capitals for 13 years […]

Here comes the Pants.

I’m getting married on Saturday. Everyone is really excited. Chuck will be there. Just wait till the reception. It’s going to be epic.

Small Hockey Hands & Other Stuff.

Pants mentioned small hands the other day and it reminded me of this brilliant SNL skit from a few years ago. Enjoy! Also, I ran across this photo of Ovi and the girl hitching a ride looks like Chuck! Excuse me Chuck but that is MY MAN! I think you protest too much! And […]

Girls Night In

How come no one told me or Dawn about this?  There’s not much to tell really, but the idea of popping in a DVD and watching Sid giggle like a schoolgirl about his fight or see Mike’s Vespa skills, it’s almost enough to get us through the off-season.  Lovejoy’s face, Rupper in his Christmas costume, […]

What's Ovi Been Up To?

Well, not training but at least he’s keeping his clothes on for now.  What’s that sound all around the world right now? Sobs and hearts breaking at that announcement? I feel your pain sisters! At least he could be doing some naked running in the woods like last year – right? Well, these photos will […]

Pst … Boston!

If only this article would have come out BEFORE the Capitals played Tampa Bay then maybe they would have stood a chance! But NO! On the other hand, do hockey fans really read Sports Illustrated? Because they hardly EVERY cover anything on hockey. It would have been the best kept secret, like it still is. […]