Foxy Friday: Glasses

It started with this: from Geno’s Instagram Well no, our obsession with boys in glasses began long ago.  Maybe it was when Chuck and I got our own glasses, or when we realized that we a) are nerds and b) like nerds.  Glasses may be more cool than Coke bottle these days, but the allure […]

Don’t Stop the Pop

Hockey is a taskmaster.  It does not care that we’ve put off our lives for the last six months.  It has no sympathy for my split ends, ragged cuticles or pile of overdue library books.  Hockey doesn’t pause just because Jonathan Toews is on a bender and I want to watch the Blackhawks parade. Patrick […]

Injury Island

Welcome to the Island of Misfit Toys Injury Island.  At this point it would be easier to list NHL players who are not hurt, but we don’t want to jinx anyone.  There are still two-thirds of the season left to play. Sidney Crosby is out again with concussion-like symptoms.  He passed the ImPACT test but […]

Lobster Night!

YAY!  LOBSTER!  File this one under “No One Cares But Pants” if you must, but Calgary has signed Alex Tanguay to a 5-year contract. Tanguay and the Flames have agreed to a five-year extension that will pay the offensively-gifted forward $17.5 million. [Article at] Alex and I go way back to when Crosby and […]

Valentines Day Moment of Zen


It’s no longer a question.  This is just crazy. Flames’ Alex Tanguay is out indefinitely with a concussion.  No individual hit has been identified as the culprit, but Tanguay last played in the Flames win over Chicago on Monday night.  He missed practice Tuesday and Wednesday before the announcement was made. I am the world’s […]

Battle of Alberta: Round 1

The Calgary Flames visited the Edmonton Oilers last night.  Of course they hate each other, so it’s like putting your ex-boyfriend in a room with your older brother and letting them duke it out.  The game was both a total mess and really fun to watch. Highlight of the Game: Alex Tanguay’s game-winning shootout goal! […]

Lobster Watch

This post was alternately called “I am a Jerk,” because I am.  You may recall in September I posted a little prayer for Alex Tanguay to succeed in Calgary, because he is my lobster.  Well, someone was listening. Alex got 2 goals and an assist on Sunday night vs Edmonton. I was at Jimmy Buffett, […]

And so it begins

Happy pre-season!  Nine games were played last night, many featuring younger and 3rd/4th line guys who hope to make the teams and become household names in two weeks.  A few highlights: – Alex Tanguay notched 2 assists and was named first star against Vancouver in mini-game, split-squad action.  Woot! – Ducks players who weren’t on […]

Livin' on a Prayer

I’m sending this one up: Alex Tanguay.  Please, please do well. Alex Tanguay, as Phoebe from Friends would say, is my lobster.  He was my favorite player for a long time – back before I had to preface it with “totally random” because he fell off the radar, the map and just about every roster […]