Home of Hockey

VIRUS FREE! Opening Day! We are back and all is right with the world. This post is a few days old, but just as full of things I love about hockey starting today. Love, *P When I saw this: My first thought was: Then my interfriends kindly informed me this was from a commercial – […]

Made of Hockey

Hello? Anybody home? It’s been 131 days since we did a blog post and honestly, it’s all that sloth’s fault. Look how cute he is! Big smile, no thumbs – it’s so hard to type when we’re bursting into Kristen Bell-type tears all day long. But hockey season is nearly upon us. Sorry sloth, time […]

Moment Hero

To celebrate the return of our favorite blond (sorry Landeskog) to the ice tonight, we (and Alison) bring you the newest Coke Zero “Moment Zero” ad starring Jordan Eberle and Steven Stamkos. You can see the commercial exclusively at TSN’s Bar Down site.  It’s another adorable story in which humor plucks heartstrings and adversity is […]

Control Yourself

John Tavares wants to control his emotions:   That is, assuming he has any.  I certainly can’t control mine – this ad campaign gives me the stupid giggles, defeating the obvious intention to hypnotize me with John’s voice.  I half-heard it while dozing off, but I’m suddenly inspired to buy a lot of shaving cream […]

I’ll Buy That

I was right in the middle of working when this happened. Sidney Crosby Reebok commercial: “Home” Okay, day’s over! Blame Alison. There are also a few new Crosby commercials on YouTube.  Here’s my wallet, Reebok, just take it.  I don’t even care what you’re selling.   Let me pause that for you. Side note: I […]

Olympic Heartful

This afternoon, I watched the men’s 2010 Olympic gold medal game.  That one day, years ago, when everyone I knew was watching hockey.  They were Tweeting and Facebooking and cheering down the hall in my San Francisco apartment building while Chuck and I were shouting, “WE TOLD YOU HOCKEY IS AWESOME!” The Golden Goal was […]

Congratulations on Your Face

SCENE: Thursday, 1 A.M.  Too tired to sleep and still punch drunk from watching the Penguins in person, Pants scrolls through Instagram. CUT TO: Point of view shot of Pants’ phone. CUT TO: Reaction shot.  Hold for 20 minutes. END SCENE. Sometimes, I just lose it (ex: Matt Niskanen and That is Not a Turtle) […]

Ad Men

I hate the Rangers as much as I love a good ad campaign, and this is a good ad campaign.   Oh Ginger Staal.  It’s too bad you’re the only Staal I’ll never like because I would like to like you. (Crank the volume on this one.) “Don’t pick a chain restaurant. ”  Bahahaha.  Marc, […]

Canada is Glorious, Ch. 211

You may recall a while back when I got really excited about this. Like whooping, twirling and scaring Intern Jeff Skinner excited.  (We don’t let him work the Halloween Party.)  Then yesterday, more screams were heard ’round the world as Lindsay and Alison whipped these around the internet. Alison found this teaser:   And she […]

More Moments, Please.

If you put all of my favorite things into one of those lottery machines and gave it a few spins, what are the odds that these four things would fall out? Stamkos #TeamEbs Cabbie Coca-Cola The answer would be zero, but that’s already the name of this campaign. These two will star in the next […]

Because it’s the Cup

Recently, Jess and I were quoting Sam from Love Actually and his brilliant, unintended summation of the NHL playoffs: Worse than the total agony of being in love? We’re almost there again.  The gut-wrenching, screaming-into-a-pillow, obsecenity-laden euphoria and destruction of the post-season. In past years, the NHL has come up with some great commercials to capture […]

Double-oh my goodness.

You may recall I once insisted Bauer was falsely advertising their “base layer” collection by featuring all hockey players and no underwear. They didn’t quite hear me, but they may have understood some of my International Sign language.   That’s right.  My hair-tossing and reasonable facsimile of the Kid N’ Play dance meant please do […]

#TeamEbs For Life

If Taylor Hall wants people to be #TeamHall, he should really just be more awesome.  And wear this button down shirt.   Jordan’s face is the same one we make when we see Canucks jerseys: Look how happy he makes this little girl!  She doesn’t even have teeth! Someone should tell her this is it, […]

All I Want for Christmas is…

SANTA, YOU LISTENED! Dear sweet Mother of I Don’t Know What I Did to Deserve This but your girl here was apparently on the REALLY REALLY NICE list this year, and Christmas is a little early. I screamed when I saw these.  My boss came running and found me face down on my desk pointing […]

Stripping Down to Dirty Socks

If you got 21 seconds with Jonathan Toews, is this how you would spend it?   I used to be a ski racer.  I can have someone out of that much gear with time left over for hot chocolate. Bauer hired Toews, Kane, all the Staals (sorry Jared) AND Giroux to star in their new […]

Free parking at our office!

I like to think that if your car breaks down in Canada, you take it to a place like this.  Stamkos, Eberle, Phaneuf and Spezza in the new commercial Nike “Clutch” truck commercial. Oh, Eberle.  Checking himself out in the hubcap.  

Workout with Crosby

I really am doing an ASG Weekend recap post, but I missed a lot of the festivities.  It’s coming tonight, before everyone goes back to regular hockey work tomorrow. For now, it appears Lindsay is not holding a grudge over the Claude Giroux Foxy Friday.  Or perhaps she is trying to cleanse us of all […]

Dear Frustrated Superstar

Hahaha, I thought this was the commercial that plays before the video starts.  But it is the video!  Patrick Kane Discover Card commercial [link] Patrick, you got drunk and gave it to us last night. Great party though.  Too bad you fell asleep.  All that fun and only Toews to hang out with… he may […]

Move Closer to the Screen

Sportchek’s new Crosby commercials are out!  Can I please live in Canada?  I believe it’s a magical place where things like this really happen… starring Sid as himself and an 8-year old kid as me.  Here’s the link – it’s even in French. 😉 Here’s the second one [link].  We miss his adorkableness something awful. And the […]

Goes Together Like…

When I see this commerical, I think of Dawn, Ke$ha and TBG Drew Doughty.