Foxy Friday: Claude Giroux

Lindsay once told me that if she were stranded on an icy mountain and her options were to cuddle with Claude Giroux or die, she would cuddle.  But only after searching the wreckage for a paper bag to put over his head.  In her defense, I never thought I would disagree.

Chuck must secretly wonder why Giroux hasn’t been a Foxy Friday, because she knows I love gingers.  I even thought a red-headed guy in college was cute, though he wore his high school marching band jacket.  You can’t even say ‘Ron Weasley’ to me.  But a Flyer?  Really?  Surely one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is actually riding a zamboni and wearing an orange sweater.

As if he knew I was thinking about it, Claude had a fight last night against Dylan Reese from the NYI.  It’s not that impressive, but at least they’re not slapping each other.

People seem really divided on Gingeroux, probably because of the Flyers.  Or maybe because he doesn’t seem to care that he’s missing a tooth.  But be honest, he does some things very right:

1) Don’t grow your hair too long.  You’re not the Little Red Haired Girl from Charlie Brown.  Or Scott Hartnell.

This is by the lovely and hilarious @sunnyinnj.

2) Stand next to Danny Briere.  Or really any Flyer but Talbot.  (Sorry I’m not sorry.)  Mention that you’re single.

3) Clean up nicely, a la this month’s The Fourth Period magazine.

Claude is on Twitter (@28CGiroux) and has a website.  He turned 24 on January 12.  I didn’t realize he was so young or so small, at 5′ 11″, 174 pounds.  That’s Crosby minus 25 pounds (of ass).  But Giroux is strong and really fast.  Have I mentioned he’s pretty good on the ice?


With 50 points, Claude is among the NHL points leaders.  He missed a few games this season with a mild concussion but shows no signs of slowing down.  His 18 G / 32 A lead the Flyers, who are second in the Atlantic division behind the Rangers.  He likes chocolate ice cream (yay!) and basketball (nope).  Before every game, Gingeroux eats a grilled cheese sandwich.  We can definitely get behind that.  In fact, the sandwich has a Facebook Fan Page.

Claude will take part in next weekend’s All-Star Game festivities in Ottawa.  He lives there in the off-season, along with his family, so we imagine he’ll have a big fan section.  Go ahead and cheer (Lindsay!), no one will know.

Update: Because it took less than 10 seconds for Chuck to get on my case!

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  1. I hate you.

    I hate you for posting these photos and making me think for a fraction of a second that Gingeroux is attractive…even with the hair and the missing tooth. But the whole ginger/French-Canadian thing has been confused. I feel like he should be Irish and a former member of Westlife rather than a hockey player.

    I will admit that he is pretty bad ass. I would very much like him to be on my team. He’s boss.

    It’s true what she says about the gingers. Pants luuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrves her some gingers. She always wanted to marry a ginger so she could have ginger kids with curly hair. Sadly, Mr. Pants is not a ginger.

    BTW – excellent Jon Farr reference!

    • Thumbs up for Westlife

      • I am listening to solo Brian McFadden right now.

    • What Chuck said.

      Also, I fully anticipate fresh new fangirling from my friend Diana who reads this blog, but refuses to have any Internet presence despite her hilarious hilarity. She rivals Pants’ love for those with a tinge of the ginge, I assure you.

      And really Lindsay? Giroux? We’ll talk about this later…

      • Jess, c’mon. A paper bag would be required for cuddling. I still have my principles. Or at least I did until Pants rounded up these photos…

  2. Take him out of that aweful orange sweater and I GUESS he cleans up okay.

    I still feel like I should go wash my eyes out though.

    • Deanna Reply

      I second this comment.

  3. Becky Reply

    I’m a Bruins fan with a closet Giroux obsession. Can’t tell any of my friends though. They would disown me in a heart beat.

  4. I should have known this was coming after yesterday’s Twitter messages. Once you set your mind to it you are a determined, determined woman, Pants. One with excellent persuasion skills. I too am clinging to the precipice.

    And I will only cheer for Gingeroux at next week’s ASG if he’s on Toews’ team. Or PKane.

    • If Toews and PKane are on opposite teams, I may cry. #prettyprincesses

  5. I am guilty of creating the caption on the G/King Henrik pic. I posted it to my tumblr and it blew up! Thank you for finally making him a Foxy Friday. I think blogging him should give him that good luck push he needs to get out of this scoring slump.
    Pants, I know how tough it is to post a Flyer for Foxy Friday so those of us who bleed orange and black appreciate it.

    P.S. I went to practice today and much to the chagrin of the Ginger Jesus’ (or Cheesus) fans, he definitely got a hair cut.

    • Thanks for the G/Hank caption – you are brilliant!

      And thanks be to heaven for haircuts on curly gingers.

  6. Libby Reply

    As Giroux’s favorite saying goes, “F’ing RIght!” Thanks for this 🙂

  7. Carlay Reply

    “That’s Crosby minus 25 pounds (of ass).”
    I just died! Seriously started cracking up in the middle of the gym. Between this & the Intern Jeff Skinner picture I almost fell off the treadmill!

    • Carlay, you can only fall at my gym. There are guys who resemble EStaal, Tyler Seguin, James Neal, Stamokos, Squishy, Ovi… the list goes on. They’re just waiting to carry you to first aid.

      • Kitkat Reply

        I want to join this gym.

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