#CAMP Day 3 – XS T-Shirts and Man Buns

In all honesty, this year’s #CAMP montages have left us a little MEH. We’re not saying we don’t like them – we just don’t love them. Day 3’s video would have been another mediocre offering but was salvaged by two things: impossibly tight super hero t-shirts and Michael Del Zotto’s samurai ponytail. MDZ’s hair has […]

Foxy (Almost) Friday: Ice Bucket Challenge

We really miss hockey, but it’s safe to say this off-season is going down in history.  Best ever?  Well, it’s not the worst and I’m not waiting for Friday. The Ice Bucket Challenge began in July in support of ALS research.  Read more about it here and hire Frates & Quinn for more marketing campaigns.  The movement […]

The NHL A(wk)wards

Two posts in two days? This place is like Santa’s Workshop! Last night was the annual NHL Awards, or as we like to call it: the NHL A(wk)wards. Normally an unfunny, bumblingly-hosted, C-list celebfest, last night’s show was most of those things again. But better, no? I confess to liberal use of the mute button, […]

Team Canada – Recess

There is video from yesterday’s Team Canada ball hockey game. The players all look so happy – almost as happy as I would be if this were a t-shirt shop and I had a bag full of Canadian money.  Collect all 48! There are moments when, as part of the unfreezing process, you have no […]

Summer Nights

Oh for heaven’s sake.  Come home from tropical vacation, depressed about going back to work?  Sidney Crosby to the rescue. [Sorry y’all, copyrighted photos from this post were removed by request.  You’ll have the survive on screencaps from the CTV interview linked below.] Sid and Brand Marchand took part in the Phoenix Night of Champions […]

Party Rock

What better way to celebrate Canada Day than with the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks?  Since we cannot keep up with these kids, here are ten great photos from the festivities of the last week. Whatever you expected from a Patrick Kane party, you were underestimating. SWEDES, you have passed us!! (photo by @jstefanc) Police barricades […]

Foxy Friday: Workout Videos

Suddenly there is a deluge of proof that hockey players believe this season will happen.  Every time a bell rings, Intern Jeff Skinner does a squat.  Oh wait, everyone does squats.  It’s a Foxy Friday party in the gym. Video: Intern Jeff Skinner has great legs (bonus: James Neal) This is my serious face. There’s […]

Camp BioSteel: Day 3

Another day.  Another video from Camp BioSteel. Nealmobile! FINALLY!  We were beginning to wonder about him…. He looks like he just woke up and hasn’t had his Paul Martin omelet yet. Get that boy a bagel, stat. BTW – Love that guy’s stank face on the right. It’s as if he realizes he’ll never be […]

Camp Biosteel: Day 2

Maybe I got a little too excited about Stamkos yesterday, because Camp Biosteel’s Day 2 video is the Tyler Seguin Show. For the record, I’m not complaining. But where is Marshall? I was promised a puppy. Oh jeez.  Okay.  Fair trade. Stop. I surrender. Sorry to Segs, but he’s not the true highlight of this […]

Fine. It’s Tyler Seguin Day.

This post is from Pants, not Chuck.  That is nothing short of a miracle – a miracle that involves a hot guy baby-talking his puppy. Damn it, Tyler Seguin!  That was my last line of defense. Video: Tyler Seguin and his puppy ruin your life. If you’re still alive after that, how about being jealous […]

Swedish Meatball

With summertime and real-life work responsibilities and vacations, things have been a little slow around the WUYS office lately. We’re running at like 50%, not able to post as much as we want and Intern Jeff Skinner is totally being a slacker.  He thinks he’s all hotshot with his new fancy contract. We don’t care, […]

Blackhawks Convention Live

Guest post time!  (And Pants fixed her broken photos, sorry.) Hi, I’m Jess! You may remember me from such WUYS guest appearances such as Up Close and Personal and Our Friends Party With the NHL. Pants and Chuck have once again let me take over their blog so that I can drop a little ‘Hawks fandom on y’all. My […]

Fall Down, Go Boom.

Well, folks, it was bound to happen. Stanley is a little banged up, thanks to former Bruin Michael “Cool” Ryder and a flimsy Nova Scotian card table. To which my friend Fatty J exclaimed, “Jesus Michael!” Dios mios indeed! What is that table made out of anyway?  Paper mache and matchsticks? You’d think that they’d […]

Break out your Nautical Themed Pashmina Afghan.

This summer’s been pretty awesome for the Bruins. Winning the Stanley Cup pretty much guarnetees that. The celebration tour has taken the Cup all over the world, but one place it’s been quite a bit this summer is… ON A BOAT! Nautical themed pashmina afghans and flippy floppys for EVERYONE! Stanley has more than earned […]

Foxy Friday: BioSteel Sports Camp

Okay, they earned it. Videos and photos and… thank heaven for this week.  And for Alyonka Larionov (person I am most jealous of in the world!)’s Twitter photos.  Who said something about Seguin wearing the heck out of a suit? Did you ask for a t-shirt? And Stamkos showing off (approved): I obliged Intern Jeff […]

Staal Wedding Weekend

We hacked the Bauer Hockey Facebook page today and posted nothing but pictures of the Staals.  Oh wait, that wasn’t us?  Someone else did this?  BRAVO.  And woah. You can see all the photos here.  But you can’t handle it. (Oh wait, that’s us.) Ginger Staal got married over the weekend, hence the festivities.  The Staal […]

Swedish Summertime

If you’d like to spend your Friday watching Nicky B, you’re in luck.  Bonus if you speak Swedish or mumbling.  He has such nice eyes. Interview Video 1 and Video 2.  Fair warning: There isn’t any smiling, as he obviously misses Mike.  It makes me wanna: Our pal @raedanda found this on Twitter – MUCH better.  Someone tell me […]

Kris Letang Reads Our Blog!

Was I not just lamenting the other day that Kris Letang had not done right by all of us and gone shirtless recently? Well evidently he read my post, hopped on a plane and jetted to a sunny destination where he promptly removed his shirt and started drinking fruity drinks. Can I hear a hallelujah […]

Blackhawks Weekend

This weekend’s breaking news: Jonathan Toews brought a girl to a baseball game.  Even the Chicago sports announcers were fangirling. In a related story, it wasn’t us. We’re not going to post photos of Jon’s date – let’s not be those girls.  Plus Intern Jeff Skinner reads this blog and we’re not sure he can […]

Stammer and Squishy love us.

Does this mean we’ve officially made it? Mexican coca colas for everyone! We follow pretty much every NHL team on the twitter in the hopes that someday they’ll follow us back and we’ll feel super popular and emotionally validated as serious hockey bloggers. Phoenix Coyotes were the first to follow us, but have to admit […]