“Look to the heavens…

Of the Staples Center” The Los Angeles Kings will FINALLY get to raise their Stanley Cup banner tonight and WUYS West Coast Correspondent, Aaron is hella excited about it. Check out his post below… So here we stand, about to embark on a far too short, forty-eight game NHL season. Man, it sucks to get […]

Doughty’s Day with me, I mean the Cup …

So I’ve scoured the internet and there is like a BLIP one DD’s day with destiny. If it were, er, um, other hockey players day with Lord Stanley’s cup we’d get a minute by minute count down on what he did while out saving babies and evidently puppies. So I’ve decided to give the only […]

Eh, Cake Please.

We just had to give a big shout out to WUYS guest blogger, Aaron, and his lovely bride Dana on their wedding this past weekend. Not only did they commit their lives to each other, but they also celebrated with this cake. They are true and loyal hockey/Kings fans.  (Also, this cake looks really yummy. […]

What It Feels Like for A Kings Fan

Today, WUYS has a very special guest post from my friend and über Kings fan extraordinaire, Aaron Vaccaro.  As you may remember, I wrote a dedication post to Aaron and my cousin Tom right before the Kings started the Stanley Cup Finals.  Now that they’ve actually won it, we wanted to bring Aaron into the […]

Los Angeles Kings – Stanley Cup Champs

Remember yesterday when I said that the Kings needed to play like a hockey Borg to win the Stanley Cup… Well, folks.  They did just that. New Jersey Devils resistance was utterly futile. Last night, the Kings went into full-on beast mode and beat the New Jersey Devils 6-1 to clinch the first Stanley Cup […]

Bruins in the Beltway

This afternoon, the Boston Bruins were honored by President Obama at the White House for winning the 2011 Stanley Cup. The President spoke for a bit, chided the city of Boston for having too many championship teams, called out Brad Marchand (“Little Ball of Hate?  What’s up with that nickname?”), and posed with the team […]