Holding Out for a Hero

The playoffs are a tough time, when I want all my favorite players to have transcendent, legendary, career-making experiences… while their teams still lose. But someone has to win every round, and so it may as well have happened like this: John Tavares, middle school science teacher, registered tax lawyer and upholder of dad-styles, scores to tie […]

Return to #Camp

It’s time again for Camp Biosteel!  Always summer’s last hurrah, Camp Biosteel seems quickly followed by training camp, pre-season games and that first time since May our jeans leave the drawer.  Per usual, Camp features a million ways to make us feel like a bump on a log this Tuesday morning:   Hockey! Cross-training! Tyler […]

Love Me, Love Me

I’m sorry this happened against Chuck’s Bruins, but there is nothing better than a joyous hockey hug. Bonus Neal’s face. Sid looks the same. I also looked that way, silently freaking out in a hotel lobby. Update (thanks Alison): Action hug gif. I love that Crosby is this happy for his guys – especially a […]