Home of Hockey

VIRUS FREE! Opening Day! We are back and all is right with the world. This post is a few days old, but just as full of things I love about hockey starting today. Love, *P When I saw this: My first thought was: Then my interfriends kindly informed me this was from a commercial – […]

It's Baaaaaack! BOTB's New Season.

Freshly pressed … like that ex boyfriend that won’t go away or that itch you know where or that imaginary BFF you keep  inviting to events and telling all your other friends about but she never shows? YES – THAT’S BACK! In all its sparkly, bedazzled-oh-so-tight, spandexy, oh-no-they-didn’t-just-say-that-madness-glory. No Russians this time out so you out […]

Move Closer to the Screen

Sportchek’s new Crosby commercials are out!  Can I please live in Canada?  I believe it’s a magical place where things like this really happen… starring Sid as himself and an 8-year old kid as me.  Here’s the link – it’s even in French. 😉 Here’s the second one [link].  We miss his adorkableness something awful. And the […]

Happy Canada Day!

May you get Tim Horton’s and a huge free agent contract. Ggo out this weekend and celebrate.  If you’re American enjoying July 4th, we suggest you blast some Bryan Adams, then find a Canadian and hug him.

NBC Executives Ride Short Buses To Work

Watching the AWESOME Winter Classic and Fabulous Washington Capital’s 3-1 Win over the Pens holding whining Slew-Foot Sid pointless MADE MY NEW YEAR! Welcome 2011! But the bizarre camera angles and annoying comentary from NBC made me wish my fellow WUYS tweeters had access to the CBC feed. Because Mr. Cherrie and I would have rather watched our lovely Canadian’s […]

Thank you for…

Happy Thanksgiving!  On this American holiday, we here at WUYS would like to say thank you, Canada. Our underrated neighbor to the north doesn’t get enough love from anyone but hockey fans.  And last night, as I drove past the Canada exit on I-90 and turned toward the Penguins game in Buffalo, I actually yelled […]

Does Winnipeg Really Exist?

To add to the recent debate over all things Canadian, I was watching The Soup (shout out to our Seattle native Joel McHale – our homey!) and the Kick Ass Clip of the Week was from – wait for it – CANADA! It led to a lively debate between Mr. Cherrie and I as to whether or […]

Maximum Failure

A few weeks back, Texas Matt, a good friend of mine and Pants, send us an email informing us of a little bar he discovered in the city of Athens, Georgia (the home of the University of Georgia) known as THE MAX CANADA. And anyone who knows us, knows how much Pants and I love […]