Best Thing I’ve Ever Read at 1:49 AM.

It’s 1:49 AM and I’m crying laughing.  Why, you might ask? The best thing I’ve read in ages: Do the John Tavares Workout at Home – Lighthouse Hockey I don’t know which part is best, the warning to not actually do any of these things or the “Extra Work” that includes (and I quote): After completing […]

Show Me The Real You

For a while, I’ve been secretly lamenting the sad lack of behind the scenes Bruins footage.  It seemed like every other team in the NHL was out there, posting juicy clips and video packages, giving their fans a delicious glimpse into their inner workings. All franchises except the Bruins. Perhaps they were and I just […]

Team Canada – Casting Call 2

Summer is over(-ish) and it’s time for Steven Stamkos to put away his white pants.  None of these fashion faux pas on reality TV, boys. As the NHL season nears, players will fight for their teams and for spots on the 2014 Olympic roster.  And, of course, for a rose on our show. First rule […]

Team Canada – Casting Call

#CAMP may be over, but camps are just beginning.  Invitees for Team Canada’s Olympic camp were arriving in Calgary all weekend, as documented by this airport employee: Source: Twitter There is a space for volunteers.  AND IT IS BLANK. Alas, the enterprise of TSN is not to be underestimated.  They were live on the scene […]

Broke & Fabulous: Penguins

Holy Hannah.  Every time I refresh Twitter, someone has been given a zillion dollars!  Since we have all summer to look at the crazy things NHL teams are doing, let’s start with our own favorites. Ladies and gentlemen, the Pittsburgh Penguins: While I enjoy a gleeful shopping binge every once in a while, the bill […]

Chuck’s Friday Night

Let me preface this by saying that I’m not typically a girl that goes to bars alone. Mainly, because it makes me feel more acutely single than I already do and also because I try not to drink alone. Last Friday, I set aside my rule and ventured out to my local in the pouring […]

Just Like a Circus

And now, a dramatic reenactment of Games 1-3 in the Penguins/Islanders series. By Britney Spears Not exactly what Britney meant. Game 1: Penguins 5, Islanders 0 Oh yeah.  Everything they say about me is true, look how unstoppably hot/young/talented/perfect I am. Sid: Are you talking about us? Remember Flower’s wedding? Game 2: Penguins 3, Islanders […]

Playoff Prognostications

Maybe our pre-season predictions weren’t perfect, but we’re hoping for more luck with these.  If we picked our own teams to advance it’s because we feel they can.  We know they will.  Nothing else is acceptable, RIGHT? Yet we remind ourselves, and you, these are the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  No team is safe.  Not even […]

We’re Psychic… Sort of.

At the beginning of this lockout-shortened season, we made predictions for how the NHL standings would shake out come April 29th.  Some of them were spot on. Others, not so much.  (Thanks for nothing, Flyers!) Eastern Conference #1 – Chuck said Rangers, Pants said Penguins. Actual: Penguins Hands out of pockets – Sid is excited! AND […]

Tearin’ Up My Heart

Five days left left?  NHL ’13, we hardly knew ye!  Let’s be honest, though. The 2013 season has not been kind to all those we love. Some teams, after these grueling months, could use a break, a tan and another go at it next year.  I’m not saying quit, of course.  Feel free to ruin […]

Foxy Friday: Chris Higgins

As desperately as we might have tried, we cannot ignore Chris Higgins. I mean, he’s a Canuck, for pete’s sake.  AND a Montreal Canadien. These alone make our skin crawl.  It fills us with the fire of a thousands suns.  It makes us rage like a Desperate Housewife who has drank up all her chardonnay and […]

Deja Vu All Over Again

So remember that time, way back in Dec. 2011 BL (Before Lockout) when the NHL proposed a realignment plan that never actually happened? Well, it’s deja vu all over again. In a detailed memo sent to League teams on Tuesday, the NHL again proposed a new realignment plan.  This new plan would see the League go […]

Five Things – Bruins vs. Rangers

Last night, the Bruins squared off against the Rangers for the 2nd time this young season. Unfortunately, the Bruins lost (or fortunately, the Rangers won, depending on how you look at it) in OT. This game had it all.  A hat trick. Saves. Blocked shots. A geek fight. And a boy named Dougie. Thing #1 […]

Pants and Chuck Predict the Future

The day we’ve long-awaited has finally arrived! Hockey is back! The lockout-shortened 2013 NHL Season starts today and I know you are just as excited as we are. Pants has been cartwheeling down the WUYS hallways, while I’ve taken to spinning around and around in my office chair, screaming “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee”. Time for our 2013 Season […]

“Look to the heavens…

Of the Staples Center” The Los Angeles Kings will FINALLY get to raise their Stanley Cup banner tonight and WUYS West Coast Correspondent, Aaron is hella excited about it. Check out his post below… So here we stand, about to embark on a far too short, forty-eight game NHL season. Man, it sucks to get […]

Cosmo Ain’t Got Nothin’…

“… to do with my selection.” – Sir Mix-a-Lot, Baby Got Back JEEZ.  I go away and hockey throws a party like the Project X kids and burns down the whole neighborhood!  First things first – this Cosmopolitan list of the Hottest NHL players. Hahahahaha!  Watching Grey’s Anatomy does not make me a doctor, so let’s not […]

They’ve got 99 Problems – But a Rink Ain’t 1!

Guest post from our college friend (and Islanders Fan), Comando. Yes, his name really is Comando. We kid you not. After 10 years of failed attempts to build a new arena on Long Island, the New York Islanders finally have a new home – in Brooklyn. Wait, what? How could a team called “Islanders” play […]

The NHL Lockout: Progress?

Here’s Chocolate Iced, with an update on the bane of our existence, the NHL Lockout. The NHL has made a new offer to the NHLPA in an attempt to re-start negotiations and put an end to a lockout that threatens the entire 2012-2013.  With many NHL players already active in other professional leagues around the world, […]

We Were Merely Freshman

This year, Boston University has a corps of nine freshman looking to make their mark on the Terriers and Hockey East.  The five forwards, two defensemen and two goaltenders come to Comm Ave. with very high expectations. No doubt the story of the season will be the two freshman goaltenders – Matt O’Connor and Sean […]

The NHL Lockout: Number Crunching and Soul Crushing

There are two men who work in the WUYS offices… Or rather one man and one very adorable intern. Chocolate Iced is the sole voice of reason in this estrogen-filled den of hockey immorality. While he might not post often, when he does, he brings a certain wisdom and insight that we appreciate and value. […]