Goals and Goals

I pity the fool who answers the NHL TV customer service line when I call today. Well, the person won’t be a fool, nor can they actually do anything about the disaster of a changeover from Game Center Live. But still. I don’t pay $150 a year to miss Sidney Crosby hat tricks!

Last night, Sid scored three very necessary goals to lead the Penguins to a 6-5 victory over Ottawa.

I won’t take credit for this particular scoring surge, but ask Lindsay if it might be the result of a conversation we had yesterday. I once ended the lockout, you know.

Hopefully this is a sign for the Pens, who currently hold the last EC wild card slot. The East is all jammed up: seven teams within two points, and all for third in the division.

Look at that goal differential . Holy Caps.

Look at that goal differential . Holy Caps.


On Monday, Sid told press, “Our playoffs basically start now.” And he kinda smiled when he said it. [Video]

Somebody got a new hat.

Somebody got a new hat.


While you were enjoying the Penguins goals and wondering WTAF they were doing between goals, I was practicing yoga with this Sid workout clip.

(Bless @Kiki5851 for finding this.)

Except I only managed Shavasana, where you lay on the floor looking dead while trying to compose yourself. I have elite skills.

Bonus feature.

Bonus feature.


Then, the Twitters told me that freshly-returned-from-injury Connor McDavid did this:

Well, shit. That is an amazing goal. Tell me again what you were doing in 1997, when he was born? My Home Ec class egg baby is older than Connor McDavid. (Haha, #TeamEggBaby it is!)

Alas, I saw no actual hockey AGAIN. I will be sending this post to the suggestion box at NHL TV – which probably does work, because obviously.

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  1. Count me in as a member of #TeamEggBaby! Whatta goal, man!!!

    And, uh, yeah….that clip of Hot Crosberry Buns is LIFE! ; )

    Another SUPER cute baby can be found on my friend Dawn’s tweeter (@LadyTennisBall). She’s a huge Ducks fan & STH since they’ve been a franchise. She has a grandson named Bodhi who is precious and she recently had Bobby Ryan sign a little, bitty bright yellow sweatshirt for him! I call Bodhi #BabyTennisBall now. Hahahaha

  2. Having seen the evidence in action, I can attest to your cosmic powers, Pants.

  3. Fatema Reply

    That was a beauty by No.97. Sid takes the centre stage obviously for the amazing natural hatty. That’s for the haters.