Hockey Thanksgiving!

I woke up this morning to the Twitter “moments” collection of Fat Pets. Honestly, if my true calling isn’t assembling brilliant colelctions of internet things, I may never find purpose in life.

So, while I wait for my fat pants to finish in the dryer, here is a list of five hockey-related things we are thankful for, because they just keep giving.

Toews is fun now. Take a moment to remember the Jonathan Toews you met years ago.


I still call my mom for recipes too.


And Jonathan Toews of today.


Cowabunga, dude.


Was it all that exposure to Blackhawks TV that changed him? Time spent with Kaner?Or is it just winning that opened his three-times-too-serious sized heart? It might have been his little dog, too.

The Sidstache. Be honest, you kind of like it! Maybe I am speaking for myself, but it’s not that bad this Movember. It’s still a mustache, and I cannot imagine a world in which I’d support mustaches for no charitable reason, but at least it looks mostly like a real mustache. And hey, it gets a whole month to grow. I am just preparing myself for what Sid will look like a month into the playoffs this season. When the choices are mustache or golf shoes, this mustache is looking pretty sweet.


At least you can tell it’s supposed to be a mustache.


Cabbie Presents… exactly what You were thinking. Cabbie is our spirit animal in the mainstream (okay, Canadian) media world. He takes what we are thinking, saying and even secretly wishing for, and makes it for everyone.  The Sid Selfie? Tavares Man Bun? Endless gems – and exactly the videos we’d make if it were safe for us to be within selfie range.


Please let this escalate into choreographed dancing.


Inside jokes. There are so many hockey references that make me laugh, a few have to do with in-game moments. From Intern Jeff Skinner to thinking “Girls love” every time Malkin is a dork, a lot of our random chatter keeps the game close to our hearts. Maybe Toews is doing a squat in Spanx right now (he would, on Thanksgiving, that overachiever). If Tavares is celebrating American Thanksgiving, I guarantee his fat pants are khakis! And no matter how much you eat, rest assured that Steven Stamkos is definitely thinking, “Hey girl.”


At his induction to the Intern Hall of Fame


YOU. We are thankful for everyone who reads WUYS, and especially the many of you who interact with us and each other both here and on social media. You guys are the funny, smart backbone of this place! You send us the best ideas and carry on inside jokes we would otherwise only have with ourselves. Thanks to all of you this blog is still skating along five (5!) years later.


Okay, a hug from us isn’t this good.


Your turn! Leave your hockey-related gratitude in the comments below. It’ll give us ideas for future posts, and maybe open our eyes to a few things we’ve missed in the first quarter of this season.

Happy Thanksgiving, Americans! And to all our Canadian friends, there is plenty for you too.


Me, circa 7PM tonight.

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  1. Kim Reply

    I’m grateful that even if my team isn’t the best in the league, it’s filled with players and staff who love to interact with fans.

    I’m also grateful for the existence of the NWHL and the opportunities that it presents!

    Happy Thanksgiving to my favourite hockey bloggers 🙂

  2. Abbey Reply

    I am grateful that most of my teams are doing well. I am thankful, as always, for middle school science teacher John Tavares. I am thankful that Tyler Seguin is playing hockey that is as pretty as he is. I am thankful that Ovi is Ovi. Above all, I am thankful for goalies. Especially Henrik Lundqvist and Brayden Holtby for setting the bar for good hair.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you guys, my favorite hockey bloggers. I know you guys are going to be so full that you won’t want to do anything, but don’t make Intern Jeff Skinner do all the hard work, after all, interns get Thanksgiving too!

  3. Tracey Reply

    I am grateful for the chance to see my first Pens game this weekend; leaving the TO area tomorrow for a weekend in Pittsburgh! Woot! And I’m grateful for the self-deprecating hilarity of this blog; long may you run. 🙂

  4. Lori Reply

    I am thankful to be able to see the Wild on the road this year and being closer to my goal of watching them play in every arena. After this trip, I will be down to 5 arenas. I am also thankful for WUYS, it makes me laugh and I really enjoy the site. Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Cassy Reply

    I’m thankful Bergeron did a Movember to spot for Visa Canada. I’m thankful Kris Letang is alive.

    I’m thankful for two of the funniest bloggers in hockey being my friends!

    And I’m thankful Intern Jeff Skinner keeps my drawer stocked with watchamacallit bars and knows to fix my coffe and throw chocolate at me from a safe distance when I’m in that sort of a “mood”.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Fatema Reply

    Well… I’m Canadian so I already had my Thanksgiving, but I’m grateful for the 9-game winning streak by Habs, PKane’s ongoing 18-game point streak. You guys are amazing. You guys prove that girls can be the biggest fan of Hockey too.

  7. Cortland Reply

    I’m thankful for the literal LOL moments you provide me and the hot hockey player don’t hurt either! “…exactly the videos we’d make if it were safe for us to be within selfie range”…my thoughts exactly 😉