Pens and… that’s a Pig

GAAAHHHH! The start of hockey season is racing past while I am so busy at work. Leave it to this to get me out of the office…




IT’S A PIG! Named Truffles! It is in the Pens & Paws annual animal rescue calendar and isn’t it precious?!

You can see the whole video here. For highlights, there are hockey players and dogs:


For the life of me, I can;tt get a screencap without the arrow on his backside.


And puppies:




And pets who’ve surpassed WUYS’ squad goals:


This pup rolls deep.


Stealing the show is our new favorite Penguin-slash-gingerbeard savior and fan of  teensy kittens and squatty fat cats alike, Ian Cole.


I’m calling him Cat Cafe Cole from now on.


We have evidence of the first ever wild animal to try to escape from Geno’s massive grasp:


It doesn’t work, of course.


And Sid comparing body types with this hunky guy.


How much do you squat?


Let’s get one more look at this.


:: internet sigh ::


And, hey, since we have it…


The dog is looking for his agent, because he was supposed to be the cutest one here.


Link to more photos.

We’ll let you know when calendars go on sale. The proceeds will benefit the Animal Rescue League and Wildlife Center. As the proud (er, obsessed) parent of a rescue pet, allow me to remind you: Adopt, Don’t Shop!


If you want to laugh at my dog obsession, enjoy. Instagram: blue.houla.


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  1. Of course Blue is my favourite. Even with that pig. EVEN with Crosby. Bluuuuuuuuue….
    But that pig, right?? If there are photos of Crosby+pic I might die. Put “she died happy” on my tombstone.

  2. Cortland Reply

    My two obsessions…the Pittsburgh Penguins and adopting, not shopping. Our rescue pup’s name…Geno of course 🙂 Thanks for the pics…and the message!

  3. Kate Reply

    Let me explain. *pause* No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

    Geno’s hands. Puppy butt! Tanger’s arms. ITSY BITSY puppy! Ian Cole making me like cats? Siiiiidd loves dogs.

    (I’ll admit, I’m a total fangirl for your pup’s instagram 🙂 )

  4. I’ll be buying the calendar just for the dogs. But add in a pig? And kittens? I may have to buy two! (My rescue dog is named Duper.)

  5. Fatema Reply

    Aww Sid looks adorable with that pup, Geno is the love of my life and your dog is cuteeee

  6. Cassy Reply

    I adore the fact that your dog has his own room. Question: when I come to stay, I take it I’m on the couch?

    Also, there should always be an arrow pointing to Sid’s booty. Always.