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VIRUS FREE! Opening Day! We are back and all is right with the world. This post is a few days old, but just as full of things I love about hockey starting today. Love, *P

When I saw this:

JT hug

My first thought was:

devil wears

Then my interfriends kindly informed me this was from a commercial – an actual mini movie – in which other such ovary-punching moments are included.

What was that you said?

sn ad sid

Yeah, that’s what I heard.


Lindsay’s expert analysis of this photo: “The lighting is all 90’s, reminds me of The Cutting Edge.”

cutting edge

If Sid scraps the scuff, he could be Doug Dorsey for Halloween.


Sportsnet always has good hockey content (compared to the US, who doesn’t?), and I love their new campaign. Apparently the players love it too – and they don’t want to leave.

These are all things Intern Jeff Skinner thought he’d be doing when he signed up to work at WUYS.

Throwing away Penguins and Bruins-looking hockey paraphenalia, pretending it smells.


Ping pong and video games, while growing his hair out. Can you see the promise of a man-bun lurking here? Headman and Doughty are one real opponent away from asking to borrow a hair tie. (And being told no, because no.)



Fixing things with athletic tape – Jeff actually does this, though we requier duct tape because we have standards and you can buy duct tape with Minions or Justin Beiber printed on it. If he could roll some duct tape into a hair tie, we might concede the man-bun.


Eating french fries. As if there are any fries left when Intern Jeff finishes getting our lunches. He’s on a strict diet of orange slices and Capri Sun like the rest of the kids on his school bus. Plus, Tyler Seguin eats fries like he’s asking Leonardo DiCaprio to draw his nude portrait in Titanic. That is how you get us to share our floating door in the North Sea, friends.


Napping. We don’t let Intern Jeff sleep on the job, but we will let him carry in the new couch we just ordered in case Crosby ever shows up here. And none of this standard-cushion-size stuff, we went for the oversize, extra-sturdy, big & tall model. Cros can hardly fit his backside on SportsNet’s little sofa.



(Bonus: Unintentional slightly early screencap that defines my life.)


Hey, if that doesn’t work out for Intern Jeff Skinner, he could always get  gig helping out at Sportsnet:

Here’s some BTS from what look like a lot more Sportsnet commercials yet to come…

Trust that if ever Crosby doesn’t look sweaty enough for something, this is not how we’re going to fix it:

sn ad sid2

One more, to illustrate me trying to leave my desk today when people keep sending more things to blog about:

Bear with us as I have no idea how to use some new WordPress features and these pictures look a little drunk.

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  1. Sidney Crosby as Doug Dorsey. Thanks for verifying a fantasy I had no idea I had.

    • Right?? The lighting in that Sid video is what fantasy dreams are MADE OF.
      Also, I’m going to remind everyone that Steven Stamkos pushes a tire around in these commercials.

      BRING IT ON, HOCKEY. I’m ready for you.

  2. Heather Reply

    “Tyler Seguin eats fries like he’s asking Leonardo DiCaprio to draw his nude portrait in Titanic…”

    I’m not sure I can ever recover from this visual.

    Welcome back, Pants and Chuck!

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