Made of Hockey

Hello? Anybody home?


It’s been 131 days since we did a blog post and honestly, it’s all that sloth’s fault. Look how cute he is! Big smile, no thumbs – it’s so hard to type when we’re bursting into Kristen Bell-type tears all day long.

But hockey season is nearly upon us. Sorry sloth, time to get back to work.

And how should we begin? For what did I reset my forgotten password? For this, I say.


Bangs. Scruff. Or something of each sort, Sid-style. Which is more than enough for us.



Of course right.


These are from Sid’s new CCM commercial for the “Made of Hockey” campaign. See the video on Instagram here. Bonus: voiceover. The sloth doesn’t speak English but he’s purring.

Hmm, maybe it’s a girl sloth.

Tumblr also supplied the breaking news that Sid danced at a wedding:

sid dance

Photo by unknown heroic person


If there’s something more awkward than Sid dancing, it’s… well, probably every other moment of his life. But we can promise you one thing: the unpictured groom filed a prenup on the day Sid’s RSVP arrived for this wedding. Judging by the photo, that prenup probably wasn’t detailed enough to include the bride’s dress trying to open itself at the back.


[Visit Crosby’s new house: WPXI 11 News]

We are gearing up for the new season, starting by figuring out who the heck is on our teams now. There will also be blogging. I am even going to Canada tomorrow – really, they are letting me in! It’s for work, but a visit to the Hockey Hall of Fame should give me the appropriate kick in the the shorts. I hear there’s a World Cup of Hockey press event… what’s the exchange rate on bail again?

For now, we say this. And that the Penguins will win the Cup this year. (Chuck’s offline for a few days before she can delete that!)


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  1. Cortland Reply

    Love you girls and have missed you terribly!! Welcome back & GO PENS!!!!!!

  2. Val Reply

    Glad to have you gals back to blogging…you have been much missed!

  3. Kim Reply

    Thank God you’re back! Thank for Sid dancing!

  4. Tracy Reply

    “Photo by unknown heroic person.” Welcome back! We’ve missed you.

  5. I was overjoyed that you were back… until I saw Sid. Now I’m just joyed. 😛

  6. Sid dancing, Sid with CCM, Steven’s new haircut, Babs’ love for the Leafs….it’s like we’ve been gone for years! Can’t wait for things to get started with the good ol’ hockey game.

  7. Cassy Reply

    And there was I spotting the Backstrom interviews etc and thinking to myself – the girls would love that! Welcome back!

  8. Tracey Reply

    Welcome back, and welcome to Canada! Looking forward to more pithy commentary on our Pens and a great season ahead!

    P.S. LOVED Marc-Andre and Dan Potash’s re-do of the iconic goalie scene from Slap Shot!!

  9. Jenna Reply

    So glad you ladies are blogging again! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for our Pens this year!

  10. Lauren H Reply

    Thank god there is hope – hockey is returning!

  11. Welcome back! Love your blog 🙂

    Sidenote, do you watch “Meet the Sloths” on Animal Planet? Awesome show!

  12. Lynn Reply

    So happy to have you back! Let’s get this season started already!!

  13. Angie Reply

    I’ve missed you guys so much too! I feel like I had to google important cup coverage this summer which normally I like hearing first hand right from Chuck and Pants! Also missed-> your yearly 8/7 post, summer break check in’s and swoon worthy haircut updates, etc! Welcome back and I look forward to reading more!

  14. Fatema Reply

    Aww Sid looks adorkable

  15. It’ll be a miracle if the Bruins even make it into the playoffs this season. Looks like I’m going to have to find another team to cheer for this season.

    It will NOT be the Pittsburgh Penguins.

  16. Christina Reply

    Yay! So glad you’re back!