You love Jonathan Toews

I can’t resist hockey players and kids, and no one can resist Girl Scout cookies. Not the Blackhawks, not Andrew Shaw and not Jonathan Toews. Video: #WhatsYourGoal: Alexis wants to sell cookies to Jonathan Toews In the video, Captain CharmingPants is back, and this time, he irons.


Which is the only thing on Earth he isn’t good at.


This is a guy who scored his first NHL goal on his first NHL shot during his first NHL shift in his first NHL game. Remember when he got so mad at the All-Star Skills Competition because he didn’t hear the cue to start? This look on his face is TrueToews, the one he keeps locked away since Captain Serious changed his costume. There is also a puppy, in case any of me survived.


This comes hot on the tail of Tazer’s vitally important in-arena message: don’t get up to pee during the game. HOLD IT, PEOPLE! (Everyone looks at me, doing the pee pee dance in my seat.) That glorious contribution can be seen here.


BlackhawksTV, still the best.

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  1. Fatema Reply

    I LOVE BHTV. They know the perfect time for humor in dark times. I adore Tazer.He’s not serious as people assume.

  2. Fatema Reply

    Tazer has a nice house and that dog is very ADORABLE!!!!!

  3. My ovaries just EXPLODED!!! Too. Stinking. Precious!!! ♡♡♡

  4. I cant even, Tazer. Gorgeous house, wields an iron, allows cookies in the house and puppies to boot? There is nothing left of me.

  5. farahbobeara Reply

    I didn’t want to love him…..but I really do (sigh). He destroyed even my disdain for Chicago sports teams. The force is strong with this one.

    • farahbobeara Reply

      Also, I may or may not have paused a bit longer than I ought on the outside shot of his house to think about whether his street looks familiar………..

  6. Captain Everything showing everybody else how to do it right! It’s endearingly adorable that he screws up the patch and then insists on correcting it. Even Captain Perfection can’t iron right the first time around. Puppies, kids, and the big kid that is Andrew Shaw just put this video on overload. BHTV showing that they still know how to make us crazy and that they are still the best in the biz. This in combination with the PSA video are killing me right now.

  7. Kate Reply

    I had to pause the two minute long video SIX times because the cuteness was just too overwhelming. Everything about that was just too absolutely adorable.

    Oh my gosh. Just stop BHTV. Stahp. (Don’t stop. Keep those videos coming.)

  8. hotstovebb Reply

    #19 in your program … #1 in your heart!

  9. Kate Reply

    Also, Andrew Shaw and his hand holding?? And saying he was going to tack on his cookies to Tazer’s order? Dear me.