Now That Was Fun

I wrote 90% of this before the the All-Star Game started last night, and changed very little afterward.  My opinion was the same: Best ASG weekend ever.  Sure the setup is wonky, the events kind of hokey. Who cares? It’s supposed to be fun, and dammit, it was really fun!


Firing squad awaits the cannon


Thanks to the players who really came to play – not play like they do in competition every day, but the fun kind where the fans get to play along.  Specifically, thank you because:

You looked great.

NHL ASG 2015 (1)

You should see my shoes.


Really great.

NHL ASG 2015 (2)

No, they’re my shoes.


Like “This Foxy Friday will be used against you in a court of law” great.

NHL ASG 2015 (1)

18 and counting


You made new friends.

asg toews

No one can resist the plaid jacket.


You saw old friends.

NHL ASG 2015 (10)

First rule of red carpets: Don’t arrive right after Seguin.


And trolled them.

NHL ASG 2015 (1)

“Hi Chuck.” “No – Hello Chuck.”


You talked a lot of trash.

NHL ASG 2015 (2)

No one at NHL had a real notebook.


You took a selfie.

NHL ASG 2015 (4)

Do you see something behind me?


You got drunk.

NHL ASG 2015 (4)

It was this guy.


You forgot your new friend’s name.

asg getz

Also, I don’t know where Long Island is.


He forgave you. Mostly.

NHL ASG 2015 (6)

:: internal eye roll ::


You took more selfies.

NHL ASG 2015 (7)

Just add kids!


You didn’t win a car.

2015 NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft

Because you didn’t pass the sobriety test.


Then you did win a car! But you weren’t the only one.

NHL ASG 2015 (5)



Either way, you won our hearts.

NHL ASG 2015 (9)

Right in the ovaries.


Even if just for a moment.

NHL ASG 2015 (8)

My hatred is no match for this moment of perfection.


Even if you weren’t the MVP.

NHL ASG 2015 (5)

We would never get your name wrong.


Most of all you made us forget all the guys who weren’t there, from the Subban-type snubs to the Crosby-esque casualites. Maybe the weekend could have been even better… but we didn’t miss them.  So thanks for this weekend, and see you next year in Nashville. 😉

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  1. YES! I spent the entire weekend in Columbus because Sid and Geno were supposed to be there. Of course, they backed out giving me only a moment’s notice and I went anyway. I regret nothing. It was an awesome time…and I’ll definitely be going to Nashville next year.

  2. Can we make it a rule that Segs & Stammer must wear 3-piecers at all times? GAH.