8(7+1) Days of Christmas

@raedanda sends me the best work emails! Today it was this KDKA-TV sneak preview of the WHIRL Magazine January cover shoot with everybody’s boyfriends:


Girls Love, Double Date Edition

That’s right – pre-mumps Crosby and Geno, part-time models.  You know I live for shots of Sid putting on his jersey (3:15 mark, someone gif that please).


Does this video make my shoulders look broad?

Put this January issue on your Christmas list.  (A lot of my Dear Santa items are Penguins-related.)

Our office holiday party is in 24 minutes, so I can watch this a few more times.


Mister(s) January

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  1. Michele Reply

    Thank you for the link! I couldn’t order it fast enough.

  2. Loved the video. The boys are looking good! I do have to call out the woman from Whirl magazine in the video though, who said some cringe-worthy things (Malkin being older than Sid? The third jerseys not being regular game jerseys?).