PUPPIES. Really.

Happy December, everyone! As we do annually at this time (see: 2013), we enlisted the help of Alison’s mom to take pictures of the Pens & Paws Calendar. How does it always arrive first?


:: unintelligble gurgling ::

Video from the calendar shoot is here.

I am always very susceptible to puppy-related advertising, as evidenced by my love for the Oilers (PUPPIES!).  Just three weeks ago, Mr. Pants & I adopted a rescue catahoula/Aussie shepherd mix named Blue.  LOOK AT THIS FACE! I love him more than Canada loves hockey, let me tell you.


Yes, I made my dog an Instagram: blue.aussie.

Before 2015 arrives, order your Pens & Paws Calendar at www.animalrescue.org.  It’s a bargain at $20 for a year worth of adorableness!  Here are a few shots, courtesy of Heidi, to get you ordering and shipping and hanging this baby on your wall.


Hug everything. Immediately.


Look at the little dog’s tongue. It captions this whole post.


The next Disney animated companion.


BSutts brings a boyfriend shirt, dog and shovel to bury Alison’s body.

For you Hawks fans, Bryan Bickell and his wife Amanda have put together another fantastic offering from the Bick’s Pits pitbull rescue foundation. I still have their 2014 calendar up and it makes me smile every day.

The calendar is $25 here, and you can see some of their adoption love stories on Facebook.  There’s a video below, but you won’t get past the 4-second mark.


The dog has a derpface. They are soulmates.

We have room for another dog, right?  A friend for Blue?  Just bring them all over, I’ll sleep in the car.


If your team did a calendar, send the info our way!  I think the Bruins did, we’ll leave that love to Chuck.

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  1. Casey Reply

    my pup has his own facebook page… and should really have his own instagram like Mr. Blue Pants! 😉 I really should order one of each team’s.. (do they exist?).

  2. The puppeh with Toews is called KIKI. I DIE A MILLION TIMES. #bitchesloveToews

    • Never has a dog in the history of all time been more suited to be Toews’ calendar buddy.

      The resemblance is uncanny.

  3. @Brn_idPensGrl Reply

    Flat Stanley’s gonna need to dig a bigger hole!!! *SWOON*

  4. I am absolutely following your dog on Instagram now, he is the cutest!

    • Kate Reply

      Agreed! Definitely following. Definitely the cutest.

  5. Pants, your pooch is super adorable!! As if I didn’t love you enough already, anyone who adopts an animal is good people.

    Shaw kissing that pup while shooting pool just about killed me. I’ve already ordered my calendar. Why do the Rangers not do this?? Surely a few (hundred thousand) people would be willing to part with small (or not so small) amounts of money for pix of Henrik & Nova, no?

  6. I thought I got through Sid & Letang & Sutter unscathed. Then you threw Toews in there and I’m fanning myself while on a client call. Thanks, ladies. 🙂

  7. Kate Reply

    BSutts’ dog’s ears are almost cuter than he is. Almost.

    And Toews is absolutely doing his “pretty sure the girls like this one” face. AND HE’S RIGHT.