Beneath the Ice

You could do worse than to launch your new season and new show with James Neal’s face. The Preds’ “Beneath the Ice” series debuted the other night with 6-plus minutes of what James is good at off the ice.


1. Sitting like a boy.


Lean back.

(Remember when John Tavares was the only one with media training, and that was at 14? This is Exhibit A.)

2. Politely discussing that time Pittsburgh dumped him via Post-It Note.


Aspiring Gingerbeard

Wait, James isn’t good with media! Who is this guy?  Maybe he didn’t need to be trained this time around.  Someone still shouldn’t let him sit like Homer Simpson.

3. Asking to have his roster photo retaken. Hey, if he doesn’t critique it, someone (around here) will! And for the record, it looks great.


“Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?”

4. Wearing a shirt that’s too small.


Does this jersey makes my arms look long?

5. Being unfamiliar with imperfect hair. Push it back?  Are these bangs or curtains?


Do you have any product?

So, is this grown-up James Neal starting over? Nashville is a promising market with a new coach and new system. It’s a chance to prove himself on the ice, to let his talent speak and shut his temper down. Hockey media, not without reason, are skeptical – though I thought the word “castoff” in this Puck Daddy piece was harsh. Turns out I’m protective (and only I’m allowed to give James shit for being an idiot!). Nashville press seem to have embraced the potential, and it will be up to James what they have to say about him.


Impressing the new boss.

We got our Rich Clune Foxy Friday posted just in time: he was placed on waivers by Nashville. Rich’s mom RT’d the Foxy Friday, which is the highest honor in the land and we can now retire. Luckily for Neal, Clune cleared waivers and was assigned to Milwaukee. Let’s hope Rich left a stocked fridge for Nealer and gets recalled to the Preds soon.

We need more of this:


In the next episode of Beneath the Ice, James drives a car and asks for directions. Lost and boring. It was filmed prior to Clune’s departure but this better not be what James turns into with Rich gone. Don’t get too nice, buddy.


Nah, we can’t leave it there!  Here’s James’ hat trick from last week:


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  1. And then Rich Clune himself Favorited our tweet where we apologizing for said Foxy Friday post being bad luck and getting him placed on waivers.

    Another highest honor and now retirement is all much sweeter.

  2. farahbobeara Reply

    AH! Clune and Stalberg in Milwaukee?? I might have to drive up for a game! And by a game, I mean all the games….

  3. Kate Reply

    Rich Clune is in Milwaukee!? How fascinating! *I’M* in Milwaukee and happen to love the Admirals! (She says, in a totally non-stalkery way, promise.)

    Seriously though, best of luck to Clune; hopefully he’s back in his very nice house and back in nicer weather very soon.