To the fella over there…

Attention everyone: James Neal cut his hair.


Fifty shades

In fact, James Neal cut his hair a week ago and I didn’t even notice.  How does this happen? Am I so fickle when someone departs my team? I basically wrote, “Friends forever!” in his yearbook back in June, then went to college and forgot about him. A few kind, attentive readers mentioned the haircut, worried about my reaction to his season opening, trade-rebellion-mullet, but I did not look up a photo until now.

It was worth the wait.


No one helped me when I had a mullet.

This is excellent.  It’s almost modest, a pre-Pittsburgh, Stars-era James. Maybe the Preds equipment guys don’t provide the players’ favorite hair products in both home and away locker rooms, like Pens’ Dana Heinze.

Any new haircut needs to grow just a bit, but we are back in business.


I guess she likes my haircut too.

Photos from David Yurman in-store event, October 14.  This is a second, do-over haircut after the one Rich Clune treated us to on Twitter (resulting in the aforementioned mullet).


Some assembly required.

Nealer is featured on the Predators main page at the moment (in the acceptable pre-haircut days).  Does this mean he’s fitting in down in Nashville?  Ehhh, not quite yet – at least on the ice.  He’s got just two goals in six games and my fantasy team is not happy.  But the Preds are first in their division and second in the Western Conf (10 points), still undefeated in regulation and James’ short hair can only mean better days are on the way.


Cover guy

Here’s another teaser of the Preds’ Beneath the Ice series that kicks off with a James episode on October 25.  It’s not quite Dude Perfect, but there is potential for season-long reality bromance programming.


One more in which James says “roundabout” and nothing else happens.  At all.


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  1. jana Reply

    I might be in the minority here, but I’m digging the short hair on Nealer. So cute!

  2. Kate Reply

    Nealer has an A! And yet is still relying on his teammates for food and shelter. Baby steps!

    (And seriously, that roundabout video? If that’s a highlight, I’m concerned.)

  3. mindyfromohio Reply

    He was totally waiting for you to pay attention again for that hat trick Thursday night