Everybody Wins

This week, Tyler Tuesday really overdelivers.

If asked for two words to describe Tyler Seguin, Chuck would use “dude” and “perfect.” She is sedated after seeing this on vacation, so allow me….


First of all, Dude Perfect is – as advertised – a group of five guys and a panda.  One guy has a gingerbeard.  Before we even get to Jamie & Tyler, we know this is going to be right up our alley.


The ensuing competition of ridiculous challenges confirms what Dallas Stars World Domination HQ has been shilling for months: Tyler and Jamie are more talented, more fun and better looking than your team.


This actually came on TV as I was writing.

And they know it.  We see you, Obviously Rhetorical Question answered silently by Tyler’s expression:


These two giggle more on camera than you will watching and they shamelessly hug everyone within arm’s reach .  Tyler bounces a rubber duck off his skate blade.  Jamie scores a diving goal with a pumpkin.  Can I buy this at Starbucks?


Obviously each drill was completed flawlessly on the first take, including the Despicable Me Minion Fart Blaster duel (I have one of this in my office for serious occasions).  No editing or magic of Hollywood needed here.


Jamie wins the competition, even with a one point deduction for how slowly he realizes that balancing the ball on the cup is the point of that game.  Tyler isn’t really trying – he just assumes there are bonus points for how often he manages to flash his abs.


What, no prize for this?

The actual prize?  Our hearts.  Oh, and a six pound milkshake which 1) I have had and 2) can be purchased in Annapolis.  Stop by on your victory tour, Benn.


I’d say more teams should invite Dude Perfect in, but I’m not sure they can all handle it.  Perhaps Dude Perfect could just stick around to consult on the Stars’ multimedia efforts all season, since you’re halfway to buying a Jamie Benn jersey already.

Thanks to @J.Rho for pointing out that I forgot to include the BONUS FOOTAGE video.  Probably because Mr. Pants & I actually joked about being PB&J for Halloween this year, and I know Tyler and Jamie would do it better.


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  1. I’ve been resisting the Benn & Seguin charm offensive for months now (I like too many players and have soft spots for too many teams) but this video finally brought me over to the dark (tall, dark and adorable, more like) side. Dammit, Dallas Stars, I’m a Hawks fan and I need to hate you, not like you!!!

    • YES, DAMMIT. I need to resist, but as Pants put it: “halfway to buying a Jamie Benn jersey.” Halfway?? My fingers are itching and I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out. The milkshake might have done me in.

      • What did me in was the fart blaster battle, knowing that Seguin was going to lose and then watching his totally adorable smile/giggle spread across his face. These videos are all kinds of super cute and super dorky and I love it.

        • Kate Reply

          He is so smiley–the smirky little eyebrow raise was the end of him (and me, quite frankly.)

      • Kate Reply

        I know Jamie Benn is a beast, but I don’t think I realized it fully until I saw his huge hands holding the enormous milkshake. Good lord.

        • YES. Can we talk about how his, ahem, large hands wrap almost completely around that glass??

      • Honestly, if I didn’t have a rule about not wearing a jersey for a divisional rival, I would have bought a Jamie Benn jersey after seeing that video. THAT SMILE, THAT LAUGH. DAMMIT.

  2. Kate Reply

    This was such a brotastic, smiley hug-a-thon. I demand a picture of Jamie and Tyler wearing their PB & J costume. I mean, I’m sure they already have, but I need pictures darn it.

    • If they don’t follow through with wearing those costumes, I’m going to be immensely disappointed.

      • I think there needs to be a social media campaign demanding it. Please. I need this in my life.

        • I just tweeted Benn/Seguin/Dallas Stars/Dude Perfect about this. SOMEONE must be checking Twitter, right??

          • Kate

            I appreciate your commitment to the cause!

  3. Vivian Reply

    Love it! They’re so adorable!

  4. I can’t handle this. Between Tyler, Jamie, and the guy with the beard I am drooling all over my keyboard.