These are your Captains speaking

On today’s episode of Extreme Diplomacy with Sidney Crosby, Strombo sits down with Sid:

Something about this video keeps breaking the link, try this if you can’t see it. 

To discuss whatever they are talking about while this plays in my head:

If there’s a pseudo-boyband version of a song, I prefer it.

Sid does get all cute talking about MacKinnon, like he’s a Scout Troop leader.  I guess it’s a relief from the usual business of deflecting questions: “Do you hate your boss?”, “Are you too old now?”, “What is taking so damned long?”


Pants, wake up, Pants. I’m about to smile.

As a publicist, we dream of guys like this: upload the script, read the script, act natural while saying exactly what I told you to.  As a person, I may have dozed off during the interview.  At least this chair looks up to the task for once.  No way he could sit all the way forward without flipping it.


On a different channel, Captain Partypants himself, Jonathan Toews, is having more fun in 2:18 than we’ve had since wakeboarding.

He wears this shirt like it’s those shorts too.

I know Sid did the self-depriacting, hilarious Cabbie “selfie” interview.  We loved it, and Crosby probably had to breathe into a bag afterward.  Jon, on the other hand, has this whole “I’m fun now” thing on lock.


Hold up: waterslides.  Please let that be the next charity participation trend.


So we make fun of “Captain Serious,” and Jon changes his tune.  Then we make fun of his game face and Jon claims it looks like:


That’s about a hundred derps shy of a Hawks broadcast, but we’ll let it slide.


The Penguins are off till Thursday, while the Hawks host the Flames on Wednesday.  It’ll give Jon a chance to score his first goal of the season (0G, 2A in 2 games), and catch up a little with Sid’s 246 point pace (3G, 3A in 2 games).


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  1. Captain Derpsalot is looking FIIIIIIINE! And he even cracks jokes 😀 He’s trying real hard to get people to forget that whole “Captain Serious” thing.

  2. “This is why you need me to control what you say.” – overheard daily in my PR life, evidenced always by Crosby. Then I see Toews being all fun and I say throw that script out the window.

    I’m also happy to see that the Captains have been reading the WUYS Glossary of Terms – specifically Boyfriend Shirt. Holler!

    • Kate Reply

      That shirt! It looks so soft. And thin…. And perfectly fitted….

      • Like your dream T-shirt, non?

        • Kate Reply

          Totally my dream T-shirt.

  3. LOVE this. Honestly, a WUYS post featuring Crosby and Toews is pretty much the greatest thing ever, except for the previous WUYS post featuring Crosby and Toews TOGETHER in that Strombo interview. I pretty much died.

  4. Elizabeth Reply

    Is it just me, or is the first video not working?

  5. Kate Reply

    The idea of a “Patrick Kane/Sharp” community center is delightful AND I’m even more charmed by the fact that Tazer came up with it. He is so dry, and it’s hilarious. You know he’s been working on that idea for a while. And doing a little celebratory Tazer fist pump.

    • I love his dry humour. And that celebratory Tazer fist pump. And…just everything about him.