Table Manners

Oh, Strombo.  Who put these roundtable interview combinations together?  Tavares, Giroux and Seguin at the same table?   It’s awkward.  It’s brilliant.  It’s the cast of The 40-Year-Old Virgin.


Compared to Sid, Hank and Toews all doing the casual leanback, these guys are more nervous and eager.  They’re all sitting forward, shoulders up – they even mimic each other’s postures with their hands.  A therapist would have a field day with all the mutual admiration and trying to fit in going on here.

Is this a restaurant? Is this on the menu?

Is this a restaurant? Is this on the menu?


Of course their outfits match too, light button-downs all around.  If this were a dinner, the waitress would be spilling water on everyone.


No kidding, that’s where I bought my shirt!

So, John’s teeth aren’t really fixed.  Claude didn’t bother with his false tooth.  Tyler is perfect, because he’s Tyler – and he’s really likable in this interview.  It’s possible I never considered that before.  Sorry other guys, but the Western Conference is taking top marks with only half the seats at these roundtables.

[Note from Chuck: Oh, Tyler. Tyler, Tyler, Tyler. I’m a sucker for a guy’s hands and the way that he was talking with them and resting them oh so casually on his biceps throughout the interview – killing me… killing me softly.]


Charming. Hide your wives and girlfriends.

John, of course, is so, so square.  How can you not love this guy?!  ‘Mild mannered’ doesn’t begin to describe it.  No one on his team showboats.  No play haunts him.  According to Giroux, he is a terrible trash talker. He says “fustration” (no ‘r’) and takes any opening to dig at Giroux.  He obviously combed his own hair for this interview and probably has a coat and tie in his bag just in case.


Focus on the sound of my voice.

Jana (@jstefanc) said it best: “It’s so weird to see a teacher outside of school.”

From the archives, a picture of 14-year old John in media training:


This’ll sound great on TV.

[Note from Chuck: No media training for Tyler?  That explains so much. Did the Bruins not have one?  Had I know, I totally would have Katniss-ed that.]

For all the ginger glory, Claude needs to decide what he’s doing with this hair.  Long or parted.  You can’t pick both, not on one head at the same time.  We love the curls and the color but it’s time to commit.


Looks fine under a helmet!

The best part of this, the most revealing difference from the other interview, is how they all reach for the snacks the moment it’s over.

Cheetos for everyone.


Cheat day!!

We could go for more of these, if Strombo is free.  Or he could join in the Google Hangouts that Lindsay, Alison and I do where we watch two hockey games a piece and all talk over each other in shouty caps.

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  1. “What’s the good quality of a captain?” – you know John is judging Giroux hard core during this question. No one holds a candle to Tavares, non?

    I’ll also say it again – as awkwardawesome as these vids are, I could just roll with an extended roll of the intros (walking and mike-ups, please!) and be satis-FIED.

  2. Anne Reply

    The look on Seguin’s face when Strombo asked about media training . . .

  3. LauraPants Reply

    “He obviously combed his own hair for this interview and probably has a coat and tie in his bag just in case.”

    YES!!! He probably would have studied for it if at all possible. Heck, he might have tried.

    Ugh and he slightly mispronounces words SO MUCH when he’s nervous. My heart. <333333333 Every bit of public speaking he does is, at its essence, a 7th grade book report presentation.

    • Pants Reply

      “7th grade book report presentation” – bahahahaha! Excellent.

  4. farahbobeara Reply

    Ugh Seguin is like that guy you had all the hots for in high school, but it generates such self loathing at the same time….
    …not that I’ve experienced this directly……….


  5. It’s bothering me forever, but I finally figured it out with that screencap. Giroux looks like BioDome-era Stephen Baldwin.

  6. I cannot stop laughing. This is the greatest roundtable ever. And 50% of that is due to Seguin’s biceps in that shirt. Holy jesus.