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At the NHL media tour, George Stroumboulopoulos (@strombo) hosted a series of roundtable discussions with some of our favorite players.  

Up first: Sid, Hank and Tazer.  This is a good interview.  I had never seen Strombo before the NHL Awards and apparently he gets some flack for softball-ing questions, but I liked this.  It’s funny, insightful and touches on some interesting, oft-unasked things.  There’s enough room for a little personality to sneak in, elevating it just above sports cliche into a more natural conversation.  Strombo for Commissioner.


Now forgive me while I take this respectable interview and evaluate it superficially. (Future subtitle of my autobiography.)

You say: Crosby, Lundqust, Toews.  I say:


I may have had some sugar today.

Followed immediately by:


Everybody’s a critic

Meanwhile Sid looks like if he inhales deeply enough, that shirt will split.  It’s also navy blue – dark, yes, but are those black pants?  Oh boy.


Let’s talk about how great we are.

Henrik, in full custom couture (duh), puts on a handsome expression.  Wait, that’s his only expression.  It serves to mask the amateur hour he surely sees before him: dressed down and violating a cardinal contrast rule.  Hank thinks about being helpful, then remembers who won the Art Ross Trophy and is now in his division.  The King decides to let the Kid take a powder on this one.

sid hank

You can never be overdressed or overly Swedish – er, close enough.

Having never heard Miranda Priestly’s speech on shades of blue, Sid doesn’t care.  He’s thinking about the interview, specifically hoping Strombo doesn’t bring up superstitions.  Which Strombo does.  Look how perfectly still Crosby sits – he’s frozen, like a petrified tree.  You can hear him thinking, “Don’t look at me, I’m not here.”  AND THEY DON’T!  What?!  His publicist must have been off-stage threatening the director with a high heel to the face if he cut to SidCam at that moment.


I’m a perfectly normal kind of crazy.

Across the table, Toews just basks in his own open collar coolness.  He’s laid-back, nursing the end of a tan and saying “heck” with no hint of awkwardness.  If he’d been American, he’d be a star quarterback.  It doesn’t even matter that Jon can’t shake the “Captain Serious” nickname, because all of his stories end in championships.


Over here in the Western Conference, with my Stanley Cups…

Notice how full the prop snack bowls remain throughout.  No one even snuck a pumpernickel chip out of the Chex Mix before this thing started.


Weakness? Never heard of it.

Sensing the interview coming to an end, Sid does what Sid always does: he finds another gear.  He makes those short-sleeved forearms count.  Next year, everyone will be wearing a polo  – except Henrik, of course.


Thinking about tiny pockets.

In all seriousness, I love their answers, especially Sid’s, on the You Can Play campaign question.  No one over-explains.  They just speak with quiet confidence as if it’s a non-issue nd anyone who has a problem with it will have to answer to these guys.  It must be great comfort to a player, present or future, thinking about taking that step.

Next up: Giroux, Seguin and Tavares.  Or a lion, a tiger and a baby otter.

rt jt

Don’t listen to them, John!  (Okay, maybe a little.)

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  1. BKNY Reply

    “a lion, a tiger and a baby otter”….LMAO!!! Hit the nail on the head with that one.

  2. Kate Reply

    The You Can Play discussion made me tear up. You’re right–their answers were confident but not overthought and PR speak-y, and you can tell that they’ve all thought about this and are ready. What a comfort. Makes me proud to be a fan.

    Sid’s avoidance of the superstitions question made me cackle.

  3. I’m spending the rest of the day falling down this rabbit hole. Side note – work that navy/black combo, Crosbot – fashion sources says this is one style rule that’s meant to be broken!

  4. Lynn Reply

    LOL! When George started to ask about supersititons I had to chuckle when Crosby said nothing. hahaha. Was expecting him to say “100 percent!” So what he didn’t wear a suit? I still think he looked good. Is it a fashion faux pas to wear blue with black? I didn’t know this. How about the part when he adjusted his rear in the chair. The chair can’t handle his ass.

  5. Deidra Reply

    After watching both of the interviews I actually preferred the JT, Giroux, Seguin one wayyy better I don’t know about anyone else. Yes Crosby is hot and all but the second one was so much more real that it had my laughing out loud.

  6. farahbobeara Reply

    I love Henrik. Love. Him.