Boom. Clap.

This.  This happened and someone took a photo and the Canadian economy skyrocketed because who wouldn’t pay money to see this?


Bless Snapchat.

We weren’t in the right place at the right time (never are!), but that doesn’t stop us from guessing that John and Sid were talking about in this hallway:

– Belts

– “Are your trousers slim cut? ” “No, all my pants fit this way.”

– Is John’s taking fashion tips from the oddly disheveled Trivago commercial guy?

– “Did you see that WWII/digging of the Panama Canal/how to build a Greek trireme special on History Channel?”  (Kidding, you know they watch Ancient Aliens.)

– How right-handed John does anything with his watch on his right wrist.

– Still belts.

– If you don’t recognize John without his full name, report to WUYS for detention.

– “I wonder what Pants will say when she sees this photo?”


“And if I don’t get what I want…”

– If Sid really had been arrested, would this have been his mugshot?


Noted criminal Sidney Crosby

– In addition to teaching science, John is in charge of the middle school Thanksgiving play. What does Sid think of these Pilgrim shoes?


It bugs him not to stand right on the X.

– Was shirtless beer pong discussed at this meeting?


“So I invited said her friend could join us…”

– In his tenure as the Dork King, John has ever looked as dorky as this?


First day of school

Is this the tightest shirt Crosby owns, or if there are more?


Made of Kevlar.

Why the Isles don’t have a PR person who takes pictures like this?  (Do they want one?  I might know somebody.)


This life, so hard.

No, really.  Pens PR Snapchatted this when the day was over.  Someone give this woman a raise, lands and title, crown, etc.


I’d get fired for taking this picture.

– Did this made John nervous?  More or less nervous than when we watch him at warmups?


That hair out of place at the back though.

This is going to be the best season, I can feel it.  Then next summer, Sid & John will take their blossoming bromance on tour like Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake, discussing  sound investment strategies and fancy stats in a city near you.

Man, I really need it to be October already.

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